Saturday night and I was thinking about my late Abuelita and how she was so proud of my Uncle Pete and the talent he had on the piano. De falla’s “Ritual Fire Dance” was what she loved to hear Uncle Pete play, and play he could.

Uncle Pete (Alcaraz) was also the piano player for Lalo Guererro for many years

Although I also liked to hear Uncle Pete play, my favorite pianist was Alicia de Larrocha who passed away just last September.

They are all gone now so this is dedicated to them all “The Ritual Fire Dance.”

3 thoughts on “TURN IT UP LOUD!

  1. at my first dmc competition, they showed an overhead view of the turntables so members of the audience who weren’t used to turntablism could get some idea of the true nature of what’s going on. ever since, i’ve thought the same should be done for pianists, especially for a piece life fire dance.

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