An Eastside Invitation


This bill was found among my father’s old photos. He’s been involved with the Eastside music scene for most of his life. I’m not sure, but it’s possible either he or one of my uncles was playing in one of the bands advertised on the bill. I once asked my uncles to name all the bands they’ve played in and I ran out of space on the piece of paper I was writing on!

One more thing, I have no idea why Mexicans/Chicanos have such a hard time with the proper spelling of the endings “-ing” and “-ght.”

8 thoughts on “An Eastside Invitation

  1. Since this is from 1966 (before photocopying was readily available to the public, in this instance the misspelling could be the fault of a drunken typesetter or letter press operator, rather than the composers of the flyers. Even vis the internet picture, this looks a lot like a letter press job to me.

  2. Maybe I’m dyslexic, had to refer back to the flyer to see the typo. Maybe first impressions are everything, also where can I get one of those discount cards?

  3. Nowadays, we have spell check.

    It gives us feedback when we make errors. I just wish some people who write comments would enable the spell check features in their browsers.

  4. Unaplogetic Troll
    January 16th, 2010 | 1:49 pm

    What? You mean there were no personal computers with PhotoShop and laser printers back in 1966? How did they survive without blogs, Myspace, Facebook and the Internet?


    In other words, you could not survive in 1966. When you inevitably do lose it and commit a felony, instead of sentencing you to jail they should sentence you to the year 1966, where there’d be no internet for you to troll and you would be forced to get out and live a productive life. It would be the best thing that ever happened to you. You’d finally realize how much time you wasted trying to discourage and harass blogs that don’t promote your conservative, white is right agenda.

  5. I had to look it up on google. “Gathernig” had over 6000 results, so it’s uncommon but not entirely uncommon. I bet it’s a stupid typo.

    “Nigth” had 2 million hits! Lots of non-English as a first language results.

    It makes sense, though. The pronunciation has no “h” in it. It’s “nit”, and the “g” after “i” really feels like the start of a “g”.

    Searching for another common error, “heigth”, turned up 350k results. It’s what I call a common “white person error”, because white people seem to commit it most often.

    So they got the “ei” part right (or rigth), but got the “ght” part wrong.

    The one I remember best, though, was an error common in the UC Berkeley math department. Homework was often called “homeworks”, and not only did everyone go along with it – the students would adopt the erroneous word. “Turn in your homeworks.” That’s the power of authority, and the power to alter the language!

    For reals.

  6. Well, yes Thee Exciters were one of the many bands I played on/with (which is correct you brilliant scholars?). Apio is correct, it was a typo. What do you think? We Chicanos can’t spell? The funny thing about the flyer is that the word “Thee” is missing in front of all of the groups. It was a common practice to use the “thee” in front of the band names, it made us feel like royalty. The State Ballroom was owned by the father-in-law of our manager and it was there that we played for Bobby Kennedy who was running vs. Eugene McCarhty in ’68. We got to meet his wife, Ethel. A few days later, he was shot at the Ambassador Hotel-I was devastated. We would practice on the 2nd floor of the ballroom and once used a tobaggon (yes I know it’s misspelled) to slide down the stairs and into the street. It was a grand time to be a young Chicano in love with music, his girlfriend and cruising the Eastside.

  7. John – Might it have been The Exciters you played with, rather than Thee Exciters? I think there was a 60s Soul-ish Exciters preceded by “The”, but the only “Thee” Exciters I know of is the (great) contemporary, beer-soaked, proto-punk Thee Exciters from England.

  8. I remeber Thee Ambertones and Exotics, I shared a few stages with them back in the mid/late sixties with Thee Etalons. Did a few East L.A College Rock and Roll Shows. They “WERE” wonderful times for a vato to be in love with his music,city, and girl. Sorry you wre third Chata!

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