Everyday in LA No. 9

Question: What is the common name and latin name of the plant in the foreground?

Everyday in LA No. 9

Super Bonus Question: When did it first appear on earth?

5 thoughts on “Everyday in LA No. 9

  1. It’s also known as a torch lily or tritoma. For the Romans and taxonomists in the house, it’s a kniphofia uvaria. We had these in my backyard when I was a kid and I think my friends and I had another name for the little red buds, rocket-somethings-or-other, but it’s all blurry now.

    I think they’re totally paleolithic. The dinosaurs, cavemen and Sarah Palin all walked among them 5000 years ago when the world was created.

  2. latin name Kniphofia uvaria
    common name(s) Tritoma,Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker
    From the info I gathered its native to S. Africa and some species are rare.

  3. everyone know it called the Rising Panocha. It come from setttlers who pack it up when they comes from the land of Panochitlan back in 1856.

  4. I’ve fallen behind schedule. Drawing and winner posted tomorrow for this paltry week of photos. Regularly scheduled programming will resume soon.

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