10 thoughts on “Everyday in LA No. 8

  1. Nothing that has anything to do with the art.

    Either that, or this being LA, they’re discussing their unfinished screenplays.

  2. The two guys looking at the “study” are saying to each other “fuck this is a lot of work acting enthusiastic, just for some cheap ass wine and funky cheese!”

    The older guy with the bigote is saying something like,
    “Motherfucker! I spent almost a hundred grand putting the kid through years of college and now it’s costing me $2,500 a fucken month to lease this so called loft that I remember used to be a godamn garment industry sweat shop, and the end result of all the effort and money on my part is this bullshit hanging from the ceiling! Post contemporary project #3 my ass!
    And if I see another one of these plastic fucking hand chairs that’s behind me I’m going to throw it down damn freight elevator!

  3. is that the marijuana art gallery on york? Hopefully they are talking about repainting the pink wall; but most likely pot.

  4. Everyone gets minus one for their cynicism 🙂
    And there are many odd lamps in this space and a giant chicken on its roof.

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