Stop Right There!

STOP RIGHT THERE! FROM THIS DAY FORWARD I PROCLAIM THIS LAND “LA EASTSIDE” (The actual LA Eastside can figure out some other name for themselves, maybe “Tierra Incognito”.)

From the new LA section at Huffington Post, a renewed frontal attack on the real LA Eastside by the Bourgeoisie Forces of the “OTTES” (other than the Eastside).

$8.00 cup of coffee? Perfect setting for a Vanity Fair interview? Not anywhere on my LA Eastside.

Say whaaaaat? Ezell below on the gritty LA Eastside of her imagination.

*“Best Old School:* When it comes to coffee on the east side, *Café Tropical* is OG – original gangster – so old school it doesn’t sell any variation of its café con leche except decaf (and that will cost you extra). Their coffee is bold, strong, and hot. They sell Cuban sandwiches”

OG-original gangster? Café Tropical? Not on the LA Eastside I know.

Most Likely Setting for a Vanity Fair Interview and Best $8 Cup of Coffee: LAMILL. With tableside barista service, an exotic menu, and a Beverly-Hills-Regency-meets-Silver-Lake decor, LAMILL is exactly where you’ll want to take your out of town guests this holiday season. Their beverage menu is a monograph – it might even have footnotes. LAMILL’s special brewing methods produce rich, aromatic coffee, free of sediment. Watching them make it is half the fun. When you want something different, go to LAMILL.

Best in Bookstore: Yes, Virginia, there is a bookstore in Echo Park. The added twist is Stories‘ café: sandwiches (turkey pesto on walnut raisin, grilled cheese on brioche), veggie chili, and salads. Their coffee is Cafecito Organico – the brand sold at local farmers markets. Pick up a new book or an old classic you promised yourself you’d read after grad school (Moby-Dick anyone?). Plop yourself down on Stories’ back patio for an urban idyll. Since the café opens at 8:30 a.m. on weekdays, bring your Times, and have a baked egg or a bowl of oatmeal with your morning joe outside. On December 12, Stories is part of the first-ever Echo Park Shop Hop along with neighbors 826 LA and The Echo. Have an espresso and get your picture taken with Santa. Try that at The Grove.

No, try that at Brooklyn and Soto!

62 thoughts on “Stop Right There!

  1. Actually, Francisco, I’m more concerned with no name reporters referring to Silver Lake as the East Side than I am with Villaraigosa doing what basically all politicians do. And, are you saying Villaraigosa is to blame for massive unemployment and soaring poverty in Los Angeles, when the entire country is suffering from massive unemployment and soaring poverty? I can see blaming Villaraigosa for problems exclusive to Los Angeles, assuming that these problems started since he took office, but blaming him for Los Angeles’s economy is akin to blaming him for the sky being blue.

  2. Rob,

    Do you know that the mayor and other local politicians are responsible for managing local funds which are used to build schools, youth training centers, libraries and many other needed public use projects?

    Who do you think approves the tearing down of middle class homes (eminent domain) to development new construction project for the benefit of rich developers who don’t live in the area? I suggest you learn who approves the destruction of locations such as the of wyvernwood apartments.

    And what governing body decides what permits and local taxes are levied against any new comapny wanting to move to Los Angeles?

    Rob you constantly prove to be a putz.

  3. francisco,

    When the mayor travels to another country or city I want the host to know L.A. is a big player in domestic and/or world affairs.
    I know it is a lot of money, but I would not want our city representative staying at a hostel. I love hostels, they are inexpensive and in relative close proximity to points of interest. But come on… high profile politician traveling- dude… If I was the one representing, trust me- I would be rolling deep too.

    Also, obviously people also care about a no-name blog commentator enough to respond to their comments.

    Are you affiliated with any political representative?

  4. Francisco, you can call me all the names you want, I still flat out reject your notion that Mayor Villaraigosa bares even close to the majority of responsibility when it comes to Los Angeles’s economy. We are in a global economic crisis right now that’s just starting to take it’s toll on the United States, and Villaraigosa isn’t even a blip on the radar when it comes to who’s to blame. And it just doesn’t bother me that one particular politician gets a little happy with the petty cash on business trips. They all do it. Whoever you have in mind to replace Villaraigosa will do it, too.

  5. Oh yea, the mayor and city council have no responsibilty for the budget crisis facing Los Angeles, just shows what some folks know about politics….nada

    No wonder the residents of L.A. are getting shafted, start the revoultion a writer called Echo Park the Eastside, lets get the pitchforks and torches.

  6. Villaraigosa is not free of responsibility, obviously. And of course, I never said that anyway. But most of Los Angeles’s economic problems are the result of an economic crisis that’s affecting the entire country, and Villaraigosa has very little to do with it.

  7. Interesting how this comment thread segued from don quixote’s lambasting the pretentious attempt to takeover your neighborhood’s age-old title to another political pissing contest. Chimatli nailed it by noting ” Wow,you guys like to argue”. Such is the nature of politics.

    I found the Don’s post to be extremely entertaining, also I followed the link to Lamill and got a good laugh off that one. “Unique paper filters”? Yup my Bunn uses those. “Huevos Blanchett” with smoked salmon and bierre blanc? Obviously a strong appeal for Kate Blanchett to please return and enjoy their huevos. Chives are small onions, right? Also what’s the deal with their sign? They’ve got that large wall front yet they compress their lettering into this indecipherable block. Strange.

    One who’s been there might also take umbrage with their claim that Sierra Sam’s Truck Stop Casino doesn’t have the “best cup of coffee in the world”. I personally recall hitting a $500. jack on the quarter slots at that place while I slurped coffee from a styro go-cup. Now that WAS good java despite the strong overtones of styrene monomers rather than “berries and citrus”. Shit! It’s just a cup of joe. Leave it to the upstart hipsters to reclassify, redefine, and build some graven image to their hollow plight. Sad. Pero Viva ELA.

  8. I don’t know what to say. Ok I do.

    I hate LA Curbed and I hate the comments that go on there unchecked. I feel that the comment section of a blog is a reflection of the blog. I feel it us unfair that people on this blog get reprimanded WAY MORE than on other blogs and I think that is absolute crap.

    I also totally feel what DQ is saying. You can’t just steal an identity because it fits what your idea of what edgy is.

    And I think this blog is important, because all of the “baiting” on the other blogs isn’t baiting, it’s real. People truly think it’s stupid that people don’t appreciate Silver Lake being called the Eastside. This baiting has become actual fact for every new person from outside LA City proper and that is problematic and it should be addressed not ignored. The internet is powerful and forever. In the future if no one ever said, “Hey you’re a liar.” Then no one is going to question what has been presented. Maybe this blog isn’t huge, but at least in the future other blogs might be questioned owing to its existence.

    With all that though I can’t help, but feel really uneasy with some of the comments. I have to say loveandhate I think you are awesome and your comments are funny, but the cock comment and white is not right and some other comments painting people strictly by race is not something that I agree with. Now if that’s what you do then fine, but my issue has always been with intolerance and classism and any ethnic group can participate in that.

    Even though I know people try to paint me as this “white people are the devil” kind of person I have never, ever said anything even close to that. I talk about racism towards people of color, but that doesn’t mean white people are evil. Racism in my mind is an institutional thing. An activity that people who have the the kind of lives that they spend commenting on blogs can’t actively participate in, passively, but not actively, but we all passively participate in racism.

    I really would like to see a critique of Arianna Huffington, hey maybe that will be my next post. I like critiquing the wealthy and powerful.

    And while I understand the spirit in how some comments were stated, I’m just not cool with that kind of thing it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t say anything on this blog that I wouldn’t say to people in their face. And I also I don’t let comments go here that I wouldn’t let go if I was in person.

    I feel that a blogs posts and comments are interconnected. And I know I curse and go off on people, and maybe that’s just as bad in some people’s mind, but I feel that I have to stay with my code.

    My code is for me is that: you’re cool unless you prove on various occasions that you’re not.
    Don’t generalize people based on race.
    Don’t generalize people based on gender.
    Be tolerant with individuals.

    Yes I do make nasty comments, but they are towards institutions and people with power or people who actively attack me in a very obvious way and even then if it’s an individual I’m not going to make race or gender or sexual preference based type comments. In my head I think, “Why am I going to do the very thing I hate in others?”

    That’s just me everyone can do what they want and I’m not trying to be a jerk or be judgmental, but sometimes I’m getting a bit queasy in the blogosphere, even the more lefty blogosphere.


  9. LA Curbed doesn’t have the time to moderate their comments. They’re too busy moderating comments at other blogs.

  10. I don’t like moderated comments. I think editors and writers of blogs should actively just say if someone says something inappropriate, “That’s inappropriate.” I think editors and writers of blogs should think independently, but too many times it becomes this sort of group think atmosphere and that’s how you get really insane unchallenged opinions, because a person might silently disagree but they don’t want to seem like they are not a team player, so they just sit there. In general I like when people put what they think. I think moderation prevents teachable and pdfable moments.


  11. You’re right, LA Curbed shouldn’t moderate their comments. They should outright delete them.

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