Snow in Lincoln Heights

Sorry for the photo quality, taken with phone cam

Well technically it’s ice but you can still make some mean snowballs from it.  I was “accidentally” hit by one while taking a photo, the things we do do for this blog!

By the way,  I say we can get rid of the gang problem in one season, just give boys a bunch of snowballs and let them get out their aggressions that way. It’s fun too!


The snow should last for a few more hours  so head on down to North Broadway and Ave 20 behind the Bank of America.

Oh, and they have FREE PIZZA!

I bet HLP parade had none of the above.

Snow sponsored by the Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade Committee.

7 thoughts on “Snow in Lincoln Heights

  1. I stood there late and after everything was cleaned up and put away only the snow remained. Then right before I left here comes the neighborhood kids and they started a snowball war. You’re right chimatli, those kids were going crazy!! BTW, I had enough of my share of pizza today.

  2. I’ll bet you it really snows in LA within a few years. I mean in the valleys and everything. I was there a week ago and that’s the coldest I’ve ever seen it. Ever. In 20 years of visiting.

  3. I was going to do snow angels but my son said “Mom please don’t” Lol…I see my jacket in one of those photos…
    This was my first parade I ever attended , but not my last…Glad I was there and my boys were so happy to be asked to kick off the parade.. :)No more Pizza Loca for me for a good while though.

  4. What&why did they change park names in lincoln heights like east la park & east side park & east los angeles plaza & park every one remebers lincoln heights as east side down town l.a known for the eastside brewary east l.a winery.

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