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Taken January 15, 2009

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Taken May 5 , 2009

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Taken June 6, 2009

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Taken June 10, 2009


Taken December 1, 2009

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5 thoughts on “Omen

  1. I was gonna talk to the that work in the store, but this morning on my way to school I saw it getting another coat of paint. The guy was wearing an orange vest with a Metro logo and he was driving around in a pretty elobarite truck that was carrying tons of paint. The murals of East LA and Boyle Heights continue to get white washed.

  2. it’s on Lorena and Chavez by Evergreen Cemetery. I was on the bus going to school, other wise I would have taken pics of the truck and asked the guy what’s going on.

  3. Due to the metro, the law has been enforced in the our neighborhoods. The owner of the building, who rents the local to a “Segunda” store was informed that he had to pay the $1500 penalty fee for not acquiring the legal permit that one needs for placing advertisement (murals) on a wall. The City of L.A. run by so many people who participated in the 1960’s movements, today do not advocate for the people who voted for them. The owner of the building was harrassed by the city to pay the $1500, plus the cost of whitewashing the mural, or the city comes in. Where’s Jose Huizar? Who voted for you? We did. So, why are you not defending your constituencies!!! Doesn’t he represent our community, then,stop the harrassment on mom and pop shops, on our community.

    Fed Up!

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