NELA Xmas Parades This Sunday (and Next)

(From last year at LH, when a girl tried to do a citizen’s arrest on a promoter of unhealthy food.)

(Edit: Damn am I stupid. Thanks to Crisis for pointing out the obvious. LH parade is on the 13th. HLP is the 6th. Argh!)

What you doing tomorrow morning? Nothing? Well then, might I suggest you consider attending one of NELA’s Xmas parades. This year, you’ll have to make the grueling decision of which one to attend as both the Lincoln Heights and the Highland Park parades are happening this Sunday Dec 6, even though they are usually spaced a week apart. What happened? Is La Crisis so bad that local parades have to battle for attendees and their few crumpled dollars? Oh wait, they’re both free. Nevermind.


LH starts at 11:00 am, at least on paper. 😉 Best spot is around N. Broadway and Griffin. Plus they are having a Tree Lighting event today Saturday at 5pm at Mirabal Mortuary.

To tell you the truth, I feel sorry for the HLP parade cuz everyone knows that the Lincoln Heights one is always better, so your decision should be easy. Ha ha, I said it! But here’s that info, just in case a few people want to go just so they don’t feel bad.

65th Annual
Northeast Los Angeles
” Unity in the Community ”

Traveling down Figueroa from Ave. 60 to Sycamore Grove Park followed by

I guess you can go to LH first and then hurry to HLP. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea.

10 thoughts on “NELA Xmas Parades This Sunday (and Next)

  1. Psst — the flyer says the LH parade is next week, so looks like our HLP parade is the one to be at tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that Crisis. I’d heard it was tomorrow, assumed it was, and was wasting time trying to turn it into a jpg that I didn’t pay attention. Oh well, I’m useless.

  3. Hey !!! I didn’t know we were sponcers !?!?! Does that mean we have a float or something !?! I can ride in a shopping cart waving at people as Doña Junta pushes me along the route.

  4. Celebrity grand marshals are the Operation Repo guys? The economy’s affecting everything.

  5. It’s going to be mighty difficult for the Lincoln Heights parade to live up to the thrills, jubilation, and spectacle of today’s Highland Park parade. Good times on Figueroa today.

  6. Viva Lincoln Heights!
    I haven’t heard this much rivalry since the SC – UCLA game. I’m not identifying which of the colleges relates to which community.

  7. lets get on our bikes and ride the parade:

    EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB – Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade


    Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade

    Come join us on Sunday, December 13th for a very short ride (1/2 Mile) to Lincoln Park for parade Check in. Parade route is 1 mile. Total round trip mileage estimated 4-5 Miles easy pace lots of fun. Decorate Bikes with Christmas and New Years Décor. All are welcomed,

    Kids must wear helmets. Please contact the bike club to confirm your participation

    Meet up Time TBA

    As always the EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB rides every SATURDAY, mornings at 10am

    On December 20th will not ride at 10am instead we will ride at 3pm due to the Christmas Caroling Ride. And we ride every Tuesday Nights at 7pm.

    What to bring:

    Day rides: Helmet, horn bells and whistle, good attitude.

    Night rides: All the above and wear light colored clothing and lights on bike

    All rides start at from:

    CHARO Bldg. (East Driveway

    4301 Valley Blvd

    El Sereno, CA 90032

  8. The grand marshal, Raul Rodriquez is really cool. He goes everywhere with that blue parrot! We used to live near his house in Hancock Park on 3rd Street. Every year he decorates his lawn with giant float props for Christmastime. Check it out if you ever are on the Westside.

  9. El Chavo,

    Just to show that this happens to the best of us: my husband and I walked a freakin’ mile down Figueroa in the lovely rain to our friend’s party. Thought we were running late, but we were actually a damn week early. Argh.

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