¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Dreaming… I Was Only Dreaming

man drunk 2
Calle Dr. Leopoldo Río de la Loza, Centro Histórico, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro

16 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Dreaming… I Was Only Dreaming

  1. I’ve been starring at this person for about 3 minutes and it seems likes he’s not breathing…

  2. I was walking out of another peaceful plaza in Querétaro, on my way to Mercado de la Cruz, when I almost tripped over this guy.

    I had talked to him on several of my leisurely walks and even fed em some tacos. Interesting, funny guy when understandable. Never got his name. He reminds me of my cousin, in too many ways.

    I have several pics of this guy (and of my cousin), in this same predicament.

    I was humming some Billie Holiday and this guy came to mind, hence the title. He was always in good spirits or just high. Guy will knock out on you, in an instant. I was too boring for him or I didn’t have any mezcal, no?

    A friend called me and said, “Hey, somebody on that blog thinks you exploiting corpses in Mexico. Like if they have dead bodies in downtown Querétaro. Right there on the street!”

    I almost didn’t breave for 3 minutes. Couldn’t stop laughing. Yup, that’s how they do in Mexico, just dead bodies everywhere, watch your step. Oh shit! If you stare at him for 7.7 minutes, he rises, a la Michael Myers and does several pirouttes and then recites Amado Nervo. Just kidding, it takes 9 minutes.

    Poverty Porn? I enjoy neither.

    But I do enjoy taking pitchers of interesting people.

  3. City Terrace: If you have more positive pictures of Mexicans from Queretaro (OR if more enlightening context could be added that explains the deplorable situation of this man), you’d be helping to compensate for the all-too-common negative images of Latinos in the media while also dispelling any notions that you’re participating in voyeurism or “poverty porn”.

    By the way, I looked up the word “voyeurism” to make sure I was using the right term. This is what Merriam-Webster says about the word “voyeur”:

    voyeur |voiˈyər; vwä-|

    a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

    • a person who enjoys seeing the pain or distress of others.

    voyeurism |ˈvoiyəˌrizəm; voiˈyərˌizəm; vwäˈyər-| noun
    voyeuristic |ˌvoiyəˈristik; ˌvwäyə-| adjective
    voyeuristically adverb
    ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from French, from voir ‘see.’

  4. This was a fascinating picture, because it struck me at many levels. Yes, I did wonder – “Is that guy dead? How could City Terrace just take a picture and walk over him?” Then I thought that the guy in the picture looked a lot like my Tio Tarciscio, when he (supposedly) passed out on the 18th Hole of the Lakeside Country Club on my wedding day. Everyone told me the story, but no one showed proof that he had actually passed out (I’ve come to believe that it was an apocryphal story that has no basis in fact, but has been enhanced by the extravagance of my wedding day). It also reminded me of a picture I took of a drunk, sleeping it off at 10 a.m. at Hussong’s Bar in Ensenada, Mexico. He looked so peaceful and relaxed that my friends and I just took a table in the corner and watched him sleep the slumber of angels, and dream the visions of old men.

    Voyeuristic? No, we didn’t get off on this sight, nor did we feel superior. I suppose we felt envious. For a moment, the man (who looked older than he was) appeared incredibly peaceful. He had let go. If only we could do that as well – without the use of chemicals or drugs.

    Thanks for your photo. It reminded me of our struggle for happiness, in all of its shapes and manifestations.This photo really does reflect the mirror we show it.

  5. Chuy,

    I have no positive pictures of Mexicans in Querétaro or anywhere else. They are all negative, that’s ALL I take. Even the negatives are negative. Nor do I have a more enlightening context to his “deplorable condition.” Um, he was drunk? Oh man, I may have no context. What am I to do?

    “…helping to compensate for the all too common blah blah…” I am not going to foist any judgement on him. (as you are doing to me and him) Would it have been more appropriate if he was not Mexican? Is that your only concern? Next time I’m in San Miguel de Allende, I’ll be sure find a drunk Canadian, wait, what if she has a really good tan?

    Wait, what if I take one of a Mexican who is… let me see… (searching for proper activity)… reading a hip contemporary chick lit novel… dressed meticulously while sipping a latte… bespectacled, of course… and smiling? Would that work? Is that a positive image? Are others no longer allowed? You know what, I decide what makes for an interesting photo. No one else. Ever!

    A voyeur? Who told you? Where’s my lawyer? I will dispel any notion that I am nor have I ever been, wait, I was paid that time, does that count?

    I joke because I find this somewhat amusing. What’s not funny is your assumption this picture is some kind of addition to any type of racism. As if that would be welcome on this blog. I don’t use exploit as a verb.

    I also have a dictionary. I thought about looking up the words “thought” and “police.” They should not be used together. We have enough despots in this world.

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