6 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Fuck The Dodgers! I’m Down With The Pirates¡

  1. jajaja!
    im guessing this is not a rental place but “for sale” only … “de venta” solamente.
    Hey Univision just made an agreement to allow some of its content to be shown-seen on YouTube now aka TuTube (not including Televisa stuff)

    btw- im a los yankis fan… f- los dogers 🙂

  2. I love this! I used to buy pirated stuff all over el DF. Of course, there is a ton in Tepito but it’s everywhere! (I even bought pirated cigarettes once . . . which, to be honest, tasted like crap). Pirates rule! Information wants to be free! (And Tepito is wild!).

  3. LNHLA,

    yankis, dodgers, all the same to me. the money bullshit ruins it for me. but yes, not for rent, for buy. forever!


    pirated cigarrettes, now there’s a fiend for you. I agree, Pirates rule! 411 wants to be free. I sometimes look at a 20 dollar item and think, I should set you free, but those damn cameras. So, on a short trip down South, I am able to help liberate those suffocating artists, for a small monetary exchange, of course. If I can photocopy a book, why not a cd? En masse!! Yes, Tepito is crazy and endless, meaning, very fun.


    it can be creepy. a couple of years ago I got hit up to buy a gun there and of course, offered the most disgusting movies you can imagine. it’s all there, for sale. Post Coming Soon!

    Jorge M,

    Puta Madre? I think I know him. That’s funny and probably true. In fact, I bought the criterion collection copy of “Rushmore” and others but that Wes Anderson has one fuckin boring voice. I paid a WHOLE DOLLAR for that, said the smirking, ungrateful shopper. Man, I could have bought you 49 more copies of some Fellini shit.

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