7-Eleven Opens in Lincoln Heights

Friday’s Grand Opening for the new Lincoln Heights 7-Eleven began a little slow, and the DJ and Laker Girls may have wondered if anyone would show up. No worries. Once the final civic representative arrived,  the ribbon was cut and samples were offered. It happened to be the same time Lincoln High School let out, and word spread via phones and twitter that there were free Slurpees nearby.

As for 7-Eleven, the North Broadway Business District is the kind of location they hope to expand into, as part of their seven-year corporate business plan to take back their convenience market domain. Still, this on-the-spot report shows community outreach by 7-Eleven and business development by Councilman Ed Reyes office is the point of the new store. At the end of the video, the most popular ambassadors of Los Angeles offer some goodwill to the neighborhood.

7-Eleven is located at 3201 N. Broadway, in Lincoln Heights.

11 thoughts on “7-Eleven Opens in Lincoln Heights

  1. I always eat at 7-Eleven, a hot-dog, slurpee and doritos, it’s the best value meal around. It’s better than the bacon wrapped hot-dogs, besides I’ve lost two pounds, since eliminating the bacon from my hot-dogs.

    I almost forgot my other favorite, the hot cheetos.

  2. Now is the winter of my discontent

    Made glorious summer by these sons of Terrace;

    And all the clouds shall stay lour’d upon 7-Eleven

    In the deep bosom of Lincoln….

  3. people where talking about it like if there was no 7elevens around. How bout the one on daly ?

  4. The 7 eleven on Daly is not the same. Daly and Main streets’ intersection is an infernal crossroads of loud truck traffic, freeway traffic, angry commuters speeding to Downtown, and crusty dudes and ladies who live by the LA River.

    The new 7 eleven really is in the bosom of Lincoln Heights – right up against a hillside and located along the main commercial drag on Broadway. The crowd there is more mellow and less strung out and busy than the folks who I see at the Daly and Main location.

    Plus, the Indian/Pakistani guys at the new place are a lot more mellow as well! The dudes at Daly and Main are always strung out on Red Bull and hating Umrika (because of all the low-lifes they interact with all day). My brothers at the new spot are a lot nicer, and have time for a little polite conversation about Bharat, child rearing, and the quality of their hot dogs.

  5. The guys at the 7 Eleven on Main and Daly are nice to me and BusTard. They chat, they make jokes, maybe it’s you Ubrayj j/k…about it being you, the guys there truly are nice, though I tend to go to the 99 cent store by Tommy’s and the laudromat across the street.

    The older guy there likes to talk news events and he has everything you need, though they were closed one day. I don’t know what that was about.

    One thing that shocked me was that the canned cat food at the 7 Eleven was cheaper than at the 99 cent food store, who would have guessed that?


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