¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Oh Well


NE corner Bonnie Beach Pl and Worth Street, East Los Angeles

4 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Oh Well

  1. I go through here at least 4 times a week…heading to Cal State LA and I’ve been meaning to get a photo of that big “HURTS.”

    It’s amazing.

  2. ahhhh…life. all the abandon and neglect won’t stop beautification by the downtrodden and nature. if you blow the pic all the way up and look in the lower right corner, it almost looks like a palm tree in front of a boardwalk on a beach.

  3. I’m not really one to pay attention to random grafitti, sometimes it does get your attention, due to the “artwork”or content/or location.
    Reminds me of some grafitti in the 70’s off 6’th & Alameda on an old warehouse, it read..”YOU ARE ALONE”

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