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With a sign like this you know you’ve entered flavor country. Los Pinos is a Mexican restaurant in El Sereno; and I purposefully say Mexican because with much schooling by El Chavo I now realize that there is Mexican-American food and then there is MEXICAN food.  This was most certainly the latter.

Now what followed at this unassuming little restaurant (that also functioned as a mini-mart) was some pretty delicious food.  I had a plate of potato tacos shown here:


Crispy and not soggy; fried but not greasy. The potatos spiced with some flavoring. The cheese was cotija and had some of that runny Mexican cream that I sometimes indulge in (I probably shouldn’t have done due to my fake-Veganism/lactose-intolerance). The tacos were also topped with rebanadas de aguacate and some lettuce with cilantro. The icing on the cake was a spicy but flavorful chipotle salsa spread throughout.

My partner had a cemita de frijol that was humongous and equally delicious. I’ve spent many years in El Sereno and have never been to Los Pinos. I’m sure to return. The service was great and the food was pretty spectacular.

Los Pinos Market

4822 Huntington Dr S
Los Angeles, CA 90032-1922

(323) 225-2594‎

5 thoughts on “Restaurante Los Pinos

  1. mmmm looks good. Would I be out of line to inquire as to the price for such a fine repast?

  2. i have eaten at this place for at least 6 years now and this man makes the hottest habanero chile in town, try his carnitas chicharron or birria its the best and this place is wife husband and one hard working daughter this is down home Mexican food, on the weekends you can have all you can eat menudo for one price, the place is small and really a store with a kitchen but this man can cook muy chingon

  3. Actually loveandhate,
    in the context of this phrase, “chingar” is more along the line of “to bitch”

    “If you were angered in the streets,
    Don’t come here to bitch”.

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