Mobile Food Truck: Nom Nom


I’ve had amazing Banh Mi before in Chinatown. I guess now you can get one from a “mobile food truck”. The other day I came across a link to Nom Nom Truck. Has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on this “mobile food truck” trend?

Oh and everyday all day its QUE VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

13 thoughts on “Mobile Food Truck: Nom Nom

  1. “No longer would David, nor any Westsider, have to trudge through LA traffic for the culinary masterpiece that is the Banh Mi. Banh Mi has finally come to West LA!”

    Oh thank the Lord that these poor Westsiders don’t have to risk life and limb crossing La Brea and actually passing through the Eastside on thier quest for a Vietnamese sandwich.

  2. A picture like that deserves a mod squad soundtrack and voiceover about these heroes. Save me from McDonald’s, you wonderful Nom Nom truck! I am about to lose control! *tires screech*

  3. I just seems like a cool thing now have a truck so fake and overrated yet the Mexican loncheras been out there YEARS! but with technology like twitter, websites, face book shit is even more hype at least trockas still get their clientele the old fashioned way dam too much competition now and copy cats

  4. totally its trendy.
    and taco zone has mad lines without twitter or fb
    and that speaks volumes
    you get chefs coming after their shifts to mad locals
    the owner of taco zone was telling us that she might open a permanent spot

    we’ll see where some of these “mobile food” trucks are in a couple of years
    when the hype dies

  5. On one hand, mobile food trucks are a total hipster fad.

    On the other hand, it’s one small step in making the US like the rest of the world – filled with awesome street food everywhere.

    Will it make snooty folks less obviously racist about their disdain for taco trucks? I doubt it.

  6. I’m all for it. The capital outlay to open a restaurant is so huge that reasonably “authentic” ethnic foods are never going to be able to penetrate into these established enclaves. The time it takes to convince people to eat something “different” is huge. This is good for the diners and the vendors, and these trendy trucks make it accepetable to eat at the regular trucks.

  7. okay had to get the info from my friend who took me there
    we don’t know the name but this is where its at
    “Its in a mini mall one block north of sunset on north spring.”

  8. There is a Vietnamese truck that parks on N. Spring & Alpine in Chinatown that has been there for at least 3 years…….decent Bahn Mi and other Vietnamese specialties that are priced right.

  9. Sandra,

    Nom Nom is super cheap. The 12 inch banh mi is $5. That’s the most expensive item, unless you want to add pate, or deli meat, or some other addition.

    Yes, Green Truck and other $9 food trucks are overpriced for sure. But Nom Nom is totally not.

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