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There is nothing like bowl of homemade menudo, but even though Juanita’s Menudo is in a can, it still is one of the best and oldest canned menudo companies around.

The menudo factory has been located in Wilmington Ca for over 60 years.  Founder George De La Torre Jr who  recently passed away this year managed to keep the company a family business. You got to love the company logo as well ” Life without Mexican Food is No Life At All”.

History of Juanita’s Menudo

The company also makes  other products  I did not know they had here is a list of Juanita’s other products.

List of recipes

They did have a bit of controversy in 1987 when someone claimed they found something unwanted in the menudo which at the end was false read story here

Stock up on the menudo now because we always hear about that big earthquake we are expecting you can’t be left hungry!


Doña Junta


Sorry to my vegetarian friends =)

14 thoughts on “Juanita’s Foods says it all

  1. If they were smart, they’d start offering a vegetarian version. I’ve made some before with frozen tofu and it come out quite good. I don’t care if people believe me, but yeah, it was quite good.

  2. Props to Juanita’s Menudo! Nothing like home made menudo of course, but I can’t count the times I have enjoyed a can of Juanita’s menudo, purchased from a catering truck, on a cold rainy morning while working a construction job.
    It always warmed me up and kept me from hunger for a few hours.

  3. As a kid i never liked MENUDO the food or the musical group. i would only eat the maiz, hominy.
    But now as an adult i have enjoyed it quite a bit.
    As they say its a good hang over cure, the canned version is an okay secondary choice.
    I remember for our Sunday home brunch- one of my parents would head out early to “El Cinco Puntos” this was in the mid 80’s. Pick up some Menudo and Carnitas.
    They say i use to call it “el cinco putos” lol

  4. My gracious Tía has as of late been making me homemade & vegetarian menudo (& pozole) the last few years. Absolutely amazing as well.

    So although she may use Juanita’s hominy, she makes her own broth and all.

    Now I’m longing for Sunday to have some.

  5. I will confirm El Chavo’s claim that his vegetarian menudo is quite good. I am not even vegetarian, and I like it better than the meat menudo that I’ve had. El Chavo and Chimatli make amazing vegetarian Mexican food…

  6. Chavo am sure that your menudo would be great you should make it sometime in the winter lol, and maybe pitching the idea to them via email can work, but then again they might get the cash of course so hmmmm. Yes I am also one that usually likes the hominy and the juice mostly the meat can be creepy at times lol.

  7. Never thought about the impact Mexican food made in my life until I spent some time in London when I first met my wife. There is no good Mexican food in London. Somthing as simple as getting some fresh tortillas at the supermarket is impossible over there. Between the food and the weather – I brought her back here instead of staying over there. Free healthcare and good mass transit ain’t enough when a “good meal” is batter dipped cod fried in lard and soggy fries.

    Gonna have some Birra on Sunday, mmmm.

  8. Ya know, no one wants to mention the potential gas production associated with menudo, especially when it’s dropped on top of the previous night’s menu of countless beers and a melange of bar food. Fess up now, can anyone deny that the first glimpse of hangover recovery isn’t when that first gas bubble emerges? Now that’s my menudo, a preferably private sacrament.

  9. Ay la raza! (That was supposed to be a lament, with a sudden epiphany!) I loved reading these comments! They hit every nerve ending: menudo, tripe, cow stomach, hang over, late nights, early mornings, “llevando gallo”, tofu, London… We Chicanos are everywhere and we now represent every taste and perspective! My mom would never believe it. Somos gente del mundo (with secret Mexican taste)!

  10. Chavo:

    Please post your tofu menudo recipe. I have been trying my own but not quite there yet.

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