Antigua Coffee house is open again

I never got to see Antiguas old spot and I heard about it closing down wishing I could have gone to check it out for myself. So, that’s why I made my way with fellow blogera Vicki-chan to their new spot in Highland Park on Figueroa. I had a vanilla ice blend and a chipotle-turkey sandwich. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it.

Since I never experienced the old location I can’t really do a comparison but the fact that Antigua is open again is something worth noting. So go check it out and enjoy a great cup of joe. Ahhh the simple life.

Antigua Coffee House

3400 N. Figueroa street Los Angeles, CA 90065

(323) 379-6148

7 thoughts on “Antigua Coffee house is open again

  1. Way to post, ERH.
    Great space, great spot. On Figueroa just north of Footsie’s/Cypress. Had their Strawberry/Banana smoothie. Fresh strawberries and one whole banana blended with ice, milk and some passion fruit tea/juice.

  2. Still wish there was a decent coffee shop in El Sereno, it was a shame when they had to close down.

  3. once again, the coffee shop is in Cypress Park, and it is good to see this business in my neigborhood.

  4. Damn, I wish there was something like this on the southside. We aint gots nuthn up in this mothaf., but fast food death! save south gate!

  5. Welcome Antigua! So glad to have you on Fig! This area has a lot of potential and your presence will help to keep us NELA residents from traveling to other communitites to get some decent coffee, great art and warm atmosphere. And you even have soy lattes!! it.

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