Teocintli is closing down

This is one post I thought I would never have to write and as much as I hate to write it, it’s the way things are as Teocintli is closing its doors. After four years of being a community space for local artist to have a place to get their start and offering great merchandise. I know that the kids from Roosevelt will miss the place just as much as everyone else. However this is just another bump in the road. Talking to Nico about the future of the place, he said that even though they’re closing down their doors, the heart and spirit of Teocintli is still going to be around. He me ruined that now they won’t be confined to a store front and be able to conti ue to grow by taking that very spirit that helped them unite the community to other spots that needs it. They’re still going to be having workshops and selling their unique brand of goods all over the Eastside so don’t count them out. With that being said they’re in there last week and are having an everything must go sale. Stop by for the first time or the last time and check it the spot. It’s going to be sorely missed, but they’ll still be around.

5 thoughts on “Teocintli is closing down

  1. their last day is on friday so if you wanna go down do it ASAP !!! Teocintli is an art space/store that gave artist and community members a space to come together share music and art with the rest of the community. They have a bunch of great stuff for sale that you can’t get anywhere else like Nahu Ollin in Echo Park on Sunset. If you have the opportunity stop by and check it out before it closes down.

  2. is this by the artic spot, in front of the HS? I want to go check it out but not sure where is at.

  3. Nico & Myra….if you see this call me! Drove by the store 2day, 8/16, & am so bummed…you did GOOD, & will be sorely missed.Janice Harrison @ Chrome Hearts310 854 9800 or email me

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