Wall? We don’t need to show you any stinking walls!

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes

How can Mexico be so shortsighted and thin skinned? Building walls is an old revered custom for sure, (see China, East Germany, The Maginot Line, and Malibu Colony), and most recently undertaken by the US on the Mexican border, but doesn’t Mexico understand the American tradition of cutting loose in Mexico?
You know, the custom of Americans who live quiet, conservative, Christian lives here at home, while providing all those “jobs” for the stateside Mexicans as gardeners, busboys, sweatshop employees, maids, and fiberglass jacuzzi laminators, (but never inquiring about anything personal in their lives, that would just be rude),  then visiting Mexico and letting their hair down by getting shit faced, throwing up all over the streets, screaming at the top of their lungs and dancing topless on bar table tops, banging the taxi driver in the back seat of his Volkswagen Thing, (but would never date Mexicans back home), haggling the merchants over a few centavos, demanding “real food” (granola and yogurt), at the local joints, getting pissed off at Mexican vendors who don’t speak English well enough. Hell these are all just good old American customs and rites of passage, building a wall is just offensive and unneighborly.
Next thing you know the people of the LA Eastside will want to build a wall too!

6 thoughts on “Wall? We don’t need to show you any stinking walls!

  1. We went to visit family in Tecate, Baja California over the weekend. For those of you who have been, you may know of “El Cuchuma.” El Cuchuma is a mountain in Tecate right up against the border that kids from the Tecate schools would take hikes on. It’s on all of Tecate’s logos, including some Tecate beer logos.

    Well, there is a wall being built right through the middle of the mountain. It’s so heartbreaking. Why in the world would anyone make such a decision. Not only is that robbing this little town of their iconic landmark but talk about destroying our natural resources.


  2. DQ,

    May I ask for more information/clarification. Mexico building a wall, where? Is it a metaphor?

    The L.A. Eastside doesn’t need walls. Our culture and custums teach us to treat our guests with respect. But that doesn’t mean people can come here and act like fools. I’m sure there are plenty of Eastsiders that will regulate outside-clowns as soon as they start acting up.

  3. Shit i got relatives back in Guanajuato that are “adinerados” and they live way better that i ever have here in the USA.
    Una prima vive in a completely gated community with guard post and all that. The walls are like 20 feet tall.
    Ive been there to visit a few times and its like crossing the border- you have to be on a visitor list or be a resident to be allowed in.
    But i guess now a days with all the narco traficantes violence- deaths and kidnappings it sure comes in handy.

  4. I guess I goofed and didn’t post up the link “Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes” large enough.
    It is a very funny spoof on the construction of the wall being put up by the US Govt. And although it is funny the link is very pertinent in it’s pulling the covers on a nasty hypocrisy and racist slap in the face to our neighbors to the south.
    Do yourselves a favor and click on the link for some good laughs.
    Apologies to all!

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