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Going into its fourth year, the Alta Med fundraiser East L.A. meets Napa brings Mexican food and fine wine together to cater to a crowd that likes a good chardonnay with their tamales. And why not ? I had the opportunity to go and not knowing bupkis about fine wine, I decided to go in with an open mind and empty stomach. Needless to say I was impressed not only with the wines, but all the delicious food available and what wines go good with what. All the pictures were taken by my gf Gamin.


They had a variety of foods and one of the choices was chocolate filled with Horchata, almonds and nuts mixed with Habanero peppers, which make for a great combination. That jalapeno dipped in chocolate in the beginning, looked interesting but I had a full night ahead of me and there was no way I was going to ruin my night by eating something that I know wouldn’t sit well in my stomach. I stuffed my face with a few of those chocolates and the cajeta filled ones too.

More than 20 restaurants were present and about 20 Latino owned/operated wineries were on hand to give people a taste of what they had to offer and what they had to offer was goodness. There were lines for almost everything, not crazy lines but you had to wait a bit because people were clamoring to get their krunk on.

dsc_0859Oaxacan cheese was one those foods that had people thinking they died and went to heaven. But that’s because they’ve never experienced some of the most delicious food on the face of the earth. Guelaguetza was giving away cheese bites like there was no tomorrow.

dsc_0865Their tamales de pollo covered in mole sauce also had people crapping their pants because it was that damn good.

dsc_0874I gave the Mezcal a try and whoa did my mouth lit up. That is some good stuff right there.

dsc_0909Tacos de ojo was something that was on the menu, but I get enough of those at school.


La Casita Mexican in Bell offered up stuffed jalapenos with ground beef, fruits, walnut sauce and pomegranate with tostadas de pollo with mole sauce. The whole time I was there I was doing that Homer thing where he drools and names a food, “mmmm, mole. gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.”

dsc_0918I felt a little out of not because I wasn’t wearing a guyabera, but because half of the people there were old.

dsc_0920Who knew you could make flan from corn and taste delicious ? I certainly didn’t.

dsc_0933Home Girl Cafe did a great job preparing chicken tostadas and a tostada de black beans with pico de gallo. Delish.

dsc_0947They ran out of shrimp so we had to settle for a really good taco de guacamole.

dsc_0962Mini was a requiring theme through out the night as most restaurants wanted to make their food last as long as possible. Still, great things come in small sizes. I’m proof of that hahah.

dsc_0964Nothing like another glass of wine to go along with that ceviche, which was REALLY good. The pepino gave it a great touch.

dsc_0969Desserts go well with anything.

dsc_1009It wasn’t until sundown that things really started to get good. That in it was just cooler over all.

dsc_1044There were some Latin Jazz bands playing through out the night and once it got cooler, people started dancing their pants of. I was too full of food and wine to even dare and dance. It wouldn’t have ended pretty that’s for sure.

dsc_1063So over all the even was a great success. Alta Med raised some funds, people got some great food and wines and I saw a few people who had a little too much if you catch my drift. I, however learned how to properly taste wine and appreciate it. Learn something new everyday.

11 thoughts on “East L.A. meets Napa

  1. Dang. The government of Mexico should offer up cooking schools and help people spread the food around the globe. You look around online, and there’s Mexican (or Mexican American) food everywhere. When tourists come to L.A., it’s what they want to eat. The world is ready for authentic regional food from Mexico.

  2. That looked like fun. Great pictures.

    Thanks for the heads up, jerk!

  3. What !? Be thankful I went and posted pictures. Next year you’ll know 🙂

  4. Those chocolate covered jalapenos on your lead photo would have been awesome if they were seeded and veined. Maybe filled with what? almond paste? a cherry/pinon ganache? Ewww burgundy infused raisins? What? Good you held your vino Random. Good job!

  5. So what did you learn about wine? I’ve always wondered what goes well with some tacos de carne asada y tacos al pastor. I’ve paired the two before (I forgot the type), to great results.

    I definitely want to learn more about wine, especially since I know I can drink 4 oz of and get the same buzz as a whole beer, with fewer calories también.

    Props to la novia for the fine food photos. I think I’m gonna head over to La Guelaguetza soon to partake of some of that fine queso.

    One minor complaint, I think it’s kind of rude to call people “old.” Maybe, I’m just too polite. Besides, I wouldn’t call those people in that photo “old,” they’re more like middle aged. Now, my almost 89-year-old abuelito? Sure, he’s old.

  6. Hahahah I found that a red or dark wine with an earthy taste goes great with tacos de ojo. 🙂 and as for what I learned, I was schooled on the proper techniques for tasting wine. Swirling, smelling, and sipping. But no matter how you drink it, it’s all good.

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