Attn Punks!


Tired of all those soap, egg, and gelatin concoctions you keep trying to perfect those liberty spikes? Well say hello to moco de gorila, imported from Mexico this is “el producto para todo tipo de peinados exagerados.” I got myself a bottle of “estilo punk” but haven’t tried it yet, I’m waiting for the weekend to turn into a punk. Cuz everyone loves weekend punks.

I’m sorta amazed that someone rubbed some gorilla snot in their hair to find out it made for a strong gel. But what I really want to know is how they collect the stuff!  Now available at your local Big Saver for $2.50, in the dripping moco shaped bottle.

11 thoughts on “Attn Punks!

  1. I happen to work for a company that is in direct competition with this product. It is cheaply made in Mexico, and you can find it at the 99 cents store, and the swap meet. Don’t mean to hate or anything let’s get that clear, it’s just a low down product that many salon owners who thought they were getting a good thing, lost customers because it is not salon exclusive, they can buy it at the swapmeet, and the salon loses their customers. It does hold like super glue I must admit.

  2. I’ve got a bottle of this sitting in my bathroom. Haven’t tried it on my hair yet.
    BTW-the salon lady that sold it to me said that she sells this product to alot of customers around here that are more interested in the bottle’s shape than the hair gel inside. Ay! Cochinos!!!

  3. KNOX was my thing…before I went veg. Then I went with GLUE, but that looked nasty…then I decided I didn’t want spikey hair anymore.

    I saw those bottles @ Big Savers in Cypress park.

  4. My boyfriend and I first saw these bottles back in February in Solvang of all places! Anywho, that stuff is strong!! I used some and it was like krazy glue on my hair. I recently saw it at Superior (MTB) for 2.99 right next to Cup of Noodles.

  5. Funny, I just saw this bottle in Tecate, Baja California when we went for the 4th of July weekend. I cracked up. And what do you know, it’s been here all along? lol

  6. My 10 year old son swears by it. If you use it you are going to need a lot of shampoo to get that stuff out.

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