One small step for a man, one giant leap for lunch trucks


As some of you might have read in the L.A. Times, the taco truck wars continue to rage on, but on this fine day the Asociacion de Loncheros La Familia Unida de California had two reasons to celebrate. Not only did they get that BS over turned with the help of some UCLA grad students, but on June 11, 2008 the union embarked on a long journey that has resulted in  an official union in the state of California. How freaking awesome is that ?!?!?!?! One year later and not only are they making progress, but they are making strides in bringing respect and dignity back to the lunch trucks, its workers and its owners.


As you can see from this picture, the proud and prestigious Board of Directors were on hand personally thanking family, friends, co-workers and everyone else in between that helped them reach the level they’re at now. So how did all this get started ? With a snow ball affect. When the laws went into affect back in 2006, when Molina was hatin’ on the taco trucks for whatever reason she felt she had to. So the guys over at York Blvd (sorry I forgot to write down you names guys :-(  ) created the petition that sparked the fire over at Save Our Taco Trucks. From there the ball started rolling and the union got help from lawyers thanks to the UCLA Downtown Labor center and staff member Victor Narro. It was Narro who talked to the owners and told them that if they were going to beat this ordinance, they would have to combine their forces and unite. Much like the Avengers and they did. It’s been a long and harsh road but the taco trucks are here to stay and thanks to Sarah Day and the rest of the Law students, who took up the case after Narro told them about it.

With that being said, the main focus of the meeting was not only to thank and celebrate all of those who have helped, but to solidify taco trucks as part of LA culture, part of LA life. Taco trucks owners across the city, state and country are just doing what they know best, cooking great food at reasonable prices. It’s a public service and only those who frequent these trucks can understand that. The union is committed to helping out their own and never turning their back on them because only through that unification have they been able to make it this far. They plan on making sure that if you own a taco truck, you are respected and your rights not be violated by anyone. Taco trucks are as much a part of LA as the smog, traffic and palm trees. Long live the taco trucks.

5 thoughts on “One small step for a man, one giant leap for lunch trucks

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  2. I’M all for taco trucks I love them, I just feel they should all sign somethimg promising to… never serve undercooked, cubed, rubbery lengua, no silver dollar tortillas allowed, regular full sized corn tortillas only!, no selling tacos if you don’t have guacamole, or avocado on hand!!!

  3. Congrats to the loncheros! And by the way you wrote “with the help of those UCLA grad students”–no. Lets be clear about this, they were UCLA Law students which are professional students, not graduate students. They don’t pay 29K in tuition alone to be considered graduate students.

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