word from the wise to the unwise


Going down Fig (Figueroa for you neigh-n00bs), across from Footsie’s, I saw this telephone box all hit up. I wondered whether it was the work of the infamous and ubiquitous ALZA, already expounded upon by fellow blogero El Chavo. But I saw some chamacos hanging around, and seeing the paint cans I figure it was them and not ALZA responsible ; although ALZA is known for putting “messages” in his pieces around town.

But yes kiddies, why tag when you can bomb your ‘hood. To clarify the difference for neo-Urbanites, being that to “tag” is merely to scribble one’s name…but to “bomb” could be to do just that but to take it up aesthetically quite a few notches. This whole do this not that is pretty cool with me. Was it not CRASS who said, quite quipishly, “Fight War NOT Wars.” In this instance another proper slogan could be BOMB WALLS NOT PEOPLE, but the meaning could be lost on those not savvy to varied meanings of bomb. Feel free to steal my ideas, but I’ll be damned if you decide to make any $$$ of it. I’ll get you! Creative Commons, y qué?!

12 thoughts on “word from the wise to the unwise

  1. So true. Tagging is all ego. Murals are art. They may not be appropriate in some instances, but they’re art, nonetheless. As I’ve said before, I think well done murals look better than all of those new plaid colored buildings going up everywhere.

  2. Speaking of Homeland Security, El Chavo, you can’t help but to notice those politically and historically inspired murals (like the Zapata one in LH) disappearing a lot faster than the tagging.

  3. Did ALZA do the Little Joy wall in Echo Park? It’s been transformed so many times in the last month – but the work this weekend is genius.

  4. i don’t want anyone tagging or bombing in my city, it looks like trash and it is still graffiti either one.if a shop wants to pay someone to put up a mueral thats cool but don’t go spray paint on other peoples property and call it art.if taggers or bombers like it so much why don’t they go hit up there own house and bomb it all up.

  5. I find it funny when graffiti muralists are irritated by taggers. I bet most, if not all graffiti artists starting tagging—so where’s the love? Art is a process, like walking then running. I do like this sort of out-door classroom schooling of the youngins tho, because after all isn’t a mind a terrible thing to waste on writing your name over and over and over?

  6. one small victory: bombing and creative commons in the same post. thanks, julio.

  7. I just can’t bring myself to romanticize tagging or elevate it to some kind of guerrilla art. It’s just vandalism. At a certain point you just have to call something what it is, no matter how square it makes you look.

    Going back to that picture, I suppose if I have to pick one, I’d go with “bombing” as opposed to “tagging.” To be honest, there are some drab walls out there that do look nice with a nice “bomb” on them as opposed to gray nothingness, or worse, gang scrawl.

    But I’d go with not “tatting” up your “hood” at all if that were a choice. Afterall, who wants to be the Denver Nuggets of neighborhoods?

  8. i am with you hector, there is a art to bombing just don’t do it on private property or it is vandalism.

  9. Well, everywhere they bomb is either private property or public property, which is owned by the tax payers. So, it’s all vandalism. I would agree that it’s morally wrong to paint a mural on the side of some dude’s house. But the side of some large store or a freeway bridge? There’s a lot of things in this country that disturb me a lot more, that’s for sure. And, if I were the owner of this large store with a large building? I’d hire someone to paint over it, and be glad I have such a business, something those bombers likely don’t have. It’s just paint. If I’m a store owner and I have to choose between a big old funky mural on the side of my building when I come in monday morning, and a robbery where customers and employees are injured or maybe killed? The graffiti is a breath of fresh air in comparison. But random houses should be off limits. Most bombers do respect them. But taggers and gangsters obviously don’t. Most people would agree that that’s just fucked up. Coming home and seeing some hood’s roll call all over your door and garage. Here in Sacramento, the owners are actually responsible for it, unless they can prove someone else did it. They have to clean it themselves, or they’re actually responsible for the content of the graffiti. Obviously that should be changed.

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