Poems as Ammo


I get the feeling all the fake ass newbie “eastsiders” over in Silver Lake are starting to get a bit hot under the collar as the heat of their erroneous ways starts to rise. They’ve been schooled repeatedly about where the Eastside isn’t, but they try to act all “what, I didn’t catch that” as if ignorance will keep them from getting burned. Now that Pat Morrison has joined our guerrilla army and we are winning some skirmishes, the time is ripe for a full frontal assault!

A renegade band of insurgents has started their own cell in this major effort (who’s leading this splinter group, is it you Al Desmadre?) and will be battling this Thursday May 7 2009 at Eastside Luv  using poems as weapons. What the? Poetry? Oh well, I guess we can use all kinds of things to throw out our enemies. Sticks, stones and names. I think I’m gonna suspend my permanent ban on all things poetic just to check this event out, cuz it looks like it might be fun. And it finally gives me an excuse to check out Eastside Luv, which also means suspending my ban on “wine bars”.

Damn, this could be a trap…

See ya there!

Eastside Luv 1835 E First St 323.262.7442

13 thoughts on “Poems as Ammo

  1. I am intrigued (and want to see this T&A from East L.A. play!) but worry I may resemble those from the “other” side too much, being white and only living here for five years now…and being a dog walker too. But if the hat lady from Mt. Washington is a guerilla fighter in this battle, I suppose I am too and shouldn’t worry about this.

    Poetry readings and wine bars are usually red flags too…if they bring out the goat cheese, you know it’s a trap!

  2. “Poetry Jams”?!? “Wine Bar”?!? I think spending so much time on the westside is finally taking it’s toll.

  3. It’s Eastside Luv, IN Boyle Heights. Most of the time I run into former school classmates from Roosevelt HS and even Baldwin Park people who I went to Sierra Vista HS with. There is no tinge of Westside culture except when White and Asian folk are spotted amidst the crowd of Brown and even then, they usually came with their Latino posse. There are no Westside happenings on the Eastside. That’s why there’s a difference between the two.

    Fret not, ye white person with canine. There shall be no hating except against ideas through words.

    And Why are open mics, poetry jams and wine bars associated with the Westside? What kind of bar is the Eastside supposed to have?

  4. A Huevo Chavo! En frente de nuestro General, Al Desmadre? Estos gentrimanderer’s de otro lado del rio don’t stand a chansa in hell. When Al gets through with those Melrose mighty mouse’s, pos ya estuvo.
    They’re sneaky cabrones those gentrimandilónes pero they can be identified muy easy according to what they write and say about the LA Eastside as per this old disparate,

    “Un ciego estaba escribiendo
    lo que un mudo dećia
    y un sordo estaba escuchando
    pa platicarlo otro dĩa.

    Go get em General Al Desmadre

  5. eastside luv is wack….last time they charged 10$ for a bunk band..& some fake ass Dancers + its too small..

  6. “And Why are open mics, poetry jams and wine bars associated with the Westside?”

    Because all four are bad.

  7. (!) ….um, I’m not involved with this event. The only poetry reading I’ve ever done is to occasionally throw down some “al-bures”. But if you guys want a Chicano-style Limerick, Ahi les va…..

    Algunos Westsiders con cojones
    decidieron portarse cabrones
    Se nombraron Eastsiders
    se creian lowriders
    pero actually eran puros Mamones!

  8. Everyone who talks mierda about Eastside Luv, including myself, somehow end up going anyway.
    We love it – and deny it – and we love to hate on it.
    -victoria “speaking the truth today” k.

    A little ditty:

    Zorro is Chicano
    he has lots of pride
    and when it comes to wine bars
    you’ll find him at Eastside.

    Zorro gets the chorro
    when he eats late at night
    those tacos at King Taco
    a veces don’t do him right.

  9. Awesome show tonight. It was real. And it was impressive how Eastside Luv patrons were able to stay quiet for the most part and listen to the poets do their thing. I must say, Rafael Cardenas sporting his East Side Story t-shirt rocked the night with his Eastside piece.

    One of his lines was along the lines of:
    If you see City Hall to your left, you’re not on the Eastside.
    “Avenida por vida!”
    Orale Rafa!

    Where was Pat Morrison? Was she there in disguise? or did she send an underling?

  10. someone from the times was there and it sure wasn’t Pat. Hmm… this is getting quite interesting.

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