Music is universal


Thanks to the help of Volunteers of East Los Angeles, Wenceslao Quiroz and members from the community got permission and some funding to paint a beautiful mural on the side of Belvedere Middle school. The majority of the mural was painted on a Saturday a few weeks ago, which I knew about, but was unable to attend because I was at work. Quiroz said that they had a great turn out and residents are loving the art. Quiroz, who is an East L.A. native said that he loved the energy people brought and the enthusiasm for wanting to get their hands dirty and paint, specially kids coming to help out after school.

img_4933One of the kids he met while painting was “nacho.” He said that he met nacho when he was “skipping” class and after he noticed what Quiroz was doing, he stepped up and decided to help him out. This involvement is what is helping mural stay tag free. Quiroz said that the walls have been hit up a few times, but ever since a few local guys helped out and put time into the mural, leaving away with some sun burn, they made sure that no one around the hood is gonna hit up the mural, other wise they gotta answer to them. By simply getting local kids involved and letting them do their thing, the mural is getting the respect it deserves, which will help it in the long run.


The art revolves around a drum circle and other musicians from all over the world just jamming through the universe and a quetzal coming from outta the forest and morphing into a phoenix by the time it reaches the end of the wall. For now, Quiroz is still adding finishing touches on the art and more details so it can be ready for it’s big day on June 5. I don’t know what time yet, what’s involved, but I’ll be there celebrating another beautiful and marvelous piece of art being added to East L.A. and that alone is reason enough to celebrate. Quiroz says that he’ll have a name for the mural by then.














7 thoughts on “Music is universal

  1. wow! that’s coming along nicely. can’t wait to see the finished product. great job wences! i wonder what tune is coming from the mariachi trumpet. can anyone read the notes and recognize the song?

  2. Can’t see enough of the notes (framing of the picture & the notes fold over each other) to tell what song it is. I’ll just say it’s gibberish.

  3. tried to play it! but could not recognize the beat…
    great artwork though!!!

  4. I saw when the dude was beginning to paint this, there was also a girl there that was filming. Yeah, then a car honked at me because I was driving too slow.

    I hope the locals don’t butcher it. Awesome mural. Awesome pics.

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