LAPD Moving Service


Spotted @ the corner of York & Eagle Rock Blvd. Yes, that’s what looks like a upholstered loveseat sticking out of the trunk of this LAPD squad car. Why? Who knows. But it sure is hilarious.

5 thoughts on “LAPD Moving Service

  1. Could they possibly be peddling Persian rugs from the trunk of the car? “Ay caray”.

  2. They’re probably helping some evicted person move, just to end a scuffle they were called to between the evicted and their landlord. I’ve seen cops do things like this before. Anything to avoid filling out a report.

  3. they are not that generous..they are taking it away since its probably evidence in a case.
    Or maybe its not even a real cop car- it can be a patrol car used in the NBC show SOUTHLAND.

  4. I’ve seen cops do shit like that before. Even in LA. It’s not as much a matter of generosity as it is a matter of them not wanting to make out a whole report on a landlord and tenant getting into a shouting match in front of the whole neighborhood. If they arrest the tenant, that’s what they have to do. Instead they tell him that they’ll move his couch to wherever he’s going if he just leaves the property he’s evicted from. If it were evidence they’d call in a larger vehicle, assuming they even needed the entire couch. They’re obviously not supposed to do things like this, which is why they didn’t call in for a larger vehicle, and just stuffed that fucker into the back of the squad car. That’s a no no. That’s your car. Paid for by the tax payers. And there’s equipment in that trunk vital for emergencies. That was spur of the moment shit. They just wanted to quell the situation and break for lunch.

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