La Crisis: Huevos Rancheros: El Ranchero


You will have to excuse me for posting this here, as I usually put my HR reviews over on my personal site. (And you’ll also have to excuse the multiple colons and the terrible title!) But I thought this special offer was too good to keep to myself, especially in these times of La Crisis.  And I’m not talking about the 50 cent tacos either, I’m here for the Mexican breakfast dish known as Huevos Rancheros!


While the normal price of $5 for HR’s would still be considered a good deal, they actually give you a great deal if you order them before 11am. I was there around 10:30 so I was excited to learn I’d be saving 2 bucks! This place opened up a few years ago, and I’ve been meaning to give them a try, since they do proclaim to serve “Fantastic Mexican Fast Food”, quite the unique motto. They ain’t claiming “authentic” and they place themselves in the fast food genre. Interesting. Unfortunately, it took forever to get our food. So scratch the fast.


So what if it’s slow fast food? For 3 bucks you get two properly cooked eggs on a lightly fried tortilla, decent rice and beans, plus a side of breakfasty potatoes. There wasn’t much ranchero sauce as you can see, but at least it was fairly tasty and they made sure to add a few chiles to it as well. Good enough so that I can’t complain. And did I mention this was only 3 bucks? Plus it comes with some extra warm tortillas de maiz. There was a time when the amount of food for the price would be my only criteria. It’s called being poor. Lucky for me, at the moment, I can dabble with a few other elements by which to judge my meal, but this dish that gets some fundamental basics down is a good start for all poor ass foodies.

Next price-point stop; a non-styrofoam plate with non-plastic utensils. But we can hold out until that next pay raise. 😉

El Ranchero  626.281.3452
511 S Garfield Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91801

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