Korean BBQ Truck competition


Since I wasn’t able to attend any of the many Memorial day bbq’s, “mi osito” and I decided to go to Korean Kitchen Hibachi BBQ in Little Tokyo last Sunday to get our fix. On our way out we saw the truck pictured above from afar and were like “oh there’s the Kogi truck” but as we got closer we noticed it was a Calbi BBQ truck.  Their signage is similar, the major difference was there was no crazy line for it.  I was wondering who’s the originator Kogi or Calbi? Has anyone tried Calbi BBQ?

15 thoughts on “Korean BBQ Truck competition

  1. Falafels are not even that popular with Armenians! i think you mean the Kebab truck! Now that would work!

  2. Look like Calbi is biting Kogi. The website says they launched in April 2009 and Kogi’s been around since last year. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or they just trying to bankroll on the idea?

  3. Last week I spotted an unmarked Taco Truck like vehicle parked on Sunset Bl.in Silver Lake. It appeared to be serving something so I inquired, and I was informed that this mobile kitchen served a JAPANESE style Hamburger made with Kobe beef, organic veggies and a unique bun not made of bread , but of cooked RICE! I tried it and guess what? It was pretty damned good! kinda pricey like $5 or $6 but I liked it. I don’t know if it was this same Cabi truck you saw here but it looks like everybody wants to start jumping on the Taco Truck Bandwagon. That’s cool. More variety is the spice of life!

  4. Well I’m glad there are others taking on the challenge of making good food out of a truck.

    BTW I heard because of all the posts about the Breed street food oasis, as we call it among BH residents, they got busted. So, tell your non BH and non Eastside friends thanks for ruining another thing they couldn’t just STFU about and let be. It’s illegal, they didn’t need them to promo their biz, they were doing fine.

  5. The best falafel i’ve ever had was in NYC. A falafel/kebab truck would be the move.

    La Whisper- Biters, if you’re gonna bite, bite the concept but could you come up with your own unique logo color scheme?

    AlDesmadra- is that for trulies?

  6. Yeah, it’s not Armenian, but, the other ethnic groups, Arabs and Israelis, aren’t so numerous in L.A. The Greeks seem to have focused on selling burgers and carne asada.

    There should be a kebab truck though. Definitely.

  7. There’s supposedly a Chinese-Mexican truck too. I think I read about it in the LA Weekly a couple weeks back???

  8. I saw both trucks today on Little Tokyo. The new one was on 2 nd street near Pink Berry and the other one on the steps of Japanese National Museum.


  9. Has the Kogi truck ever stopped in East L.A. or Boyle Heights?

    Why am I not surprised it has visited Silver Lake but not East Los? (Maybe I’m wrong and it has, but I don’t think so). I’m not judging it, I’m just sayin’.

    Tried the tacos at El Capitan taco truck on Olympic near Indiana. 50 centavos. Small but very good. I couldn’t bring myself to order the tripitas tacos. I’m such a wimp.

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