Carne Asada with Ethier


So we headed to the game and me and my dad sat in the Lodge section, but not where we normally sit and man there were tons of kids. It was the Ethier jersey giveaway and Kid’s day so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised about it. I got sunburned within the hour I was there, but watching the Dodgers get three runs in the first made it better.
We had great pitching by Chad and through 7 innings. The Dodgers didn’t have all their starting line up in there giving Manny, Martin, Furcal, and Blake the day off. They still prevailed and won the game 7-3….by the end of the fifth inning me and my dad moved to where my niece was sitting, just in time for when the camera man was there and I was on the jumbo screen wooo hooo.. I got a few texts and then saw some people that had seen me and let me know! THANKS camera guy..


Then there was the Carne Asada event with Andre Ethier. Garciaparra held this event last season, which I went to on both event days. It is a great event in which you meet the player hosting it, get an autograph, enjoy music, and some great Mexican food.

We had to wait in line for awhile as they set things up. I noticed right aways for 200 people they didn’t have a lot of tables set up just chairs. My dad and I got in pretty quickly and my dad found an empty tall table so we stood there close to the Mariachi band. They started to play and it was all good…. of course having my dad with me, we made friends right away.. I got us some Margaritas which set the mood of the event. LOL!


While getting the drinks I saw Ethier ahead of me, with his son in his arms. It was so cute and people started screaming and clapping. I walked fast with drinks in hand and set them on the table to grab my camera.. I then went to where I knew he would say his thanks and start taking pictures with the fans. Man he must have had to take more than 200 pictures, poor guy didn’t even get a break to eat. All in all, with the fans there and the Dodgers winning Ethier seemed very pleased to see the fans and take pictures at the event.
The next one they are having in June will be hosted by Fernando Valenzuela!
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  1. Do you have any more information regarding the next event hosted by Fernando Valenzuela?

  2. It will be on June 28th the tickets are 60 and then you have to buy tickets to the game also to enter the event.. go to the Dodger website and click on community

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