Brooklyn & Boyle issue 5


Here it is, the newest issue of Brooklyn & Boyle fresh off the grill. So to speak. It was a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. The magazine keeps improving with each issue. AND YES I see the grammatical errors cabrones, mistakes like that can be easily remedied, but what can I, we just wanted to get this mag out and ready for your viewing pleasure. So enjoy. Ohh and click on the images to see a bigger, more readable version of it.








2 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Boyle issue 5

  1. Thanks for Posting this EL Random Hero !!

    BSP has inspired me to write poetry and stories and never stop learning. It”s a working progress.

  2. Well done my child, This is a good tool for the community. We can all learn from this site. Buena Suerte

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