Psst, it was once a theater

North Broadway, Lincoln Heights

There is much history to be found on the sidewalks of the Eastside. From old bits of used gum to inscriptions from lovers to plaques inlaid decades ago.

Terrazzo, Lincoln Heights

On many of the main commercial streets of the Eastside and elsewhere, decorative terrazzo pavement can be still be found. In most cases this terrazzo was once part of a grand entryway to a movie theater (or palace as they were appropriately referred to at the time.) Most of the theaters are gone now but the facades still remain along with the colorful sidewalks, reminders of a sumptuous past.

Psst, a women’s clothes store now inhabits this old movie palace.

4 thoughts on “Psst, it was once a theater

  1. I spent many happy Saturdays and Sundays at the Starland Theatre, where all the kids in Lincoln Hts would be. For a quarter you could spend the whole day there watching cartoons and maybe a great movie like The Day the Earth Stood Still, or The Creature from The Black Lagoon. If you were lucky enough to have some change you could buy an all day sucker “Big Daddy” or a box of Good and Plenty.
    At intermission the popcorn boxes would be flying so you had to duck quickly, and if the red nosed alcoholic theater owner caught you he would have you thrown out.
    Not to worry though, you just went around the corner to the side entrance and one of your buddy’s would let you back in.

  2. i like the art deco in these pictures… it would be nice to see a post about all the art deco on the eastside. i’m always pleasantly surprised when i see a random AD building in the middle of a bunch of warehouses.

  3. ha when I was younger I used to trip out on the old black spots on the sidewalk which are those old peices of gum you mention, lol it is wierd and gross but imagine how old some of them can be lol. Also I wonder what they use the rest of the movie theater for the whole top part?

  4. Pero porque se llama Psssssst Fashion when obviously this gal with the red lips is saying “Shhhhhhhh”…

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