On my way to the Brewery Art Walk. This Saturday and Sunday.

Hello Browne Kitty

Hello Browne Kitty

My figurative self on the way to The Brewery Art Walk.

Easily accessible by the METRO 76, 251 and 751.

If you see me make sure to say hi, but I can’t say hi back, because I don’t have a mouth.


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About Browne Molyneux

My name is Browne Molyneux. I'm a lady. I'm a radical feminist. I'm black. I'm an Angeleno. I'm an artist. I'm carFREE. I'm a freelance writer. I'm a blogger. I'm a philosopher. I'm a humanist. I'm a journalist. I formerly wrote a column on transportation, Tracks for LA City Beat. The above are all of the things I have to work on being, got questions email me. browne@shametrainla.com My topics of interests include but are not limited to politics, transportation, dark green issues, economics, race relations, feminism, culture, working class urban life, media, art, Los Angeles and literature.

3 thoughts on “On my way to the Brewery Art Walk. This Saturday and Sunday.

  1. The creme-de-la-creme downtown hipster event of the season. A must for every soon-2-B or wannaB hipster or USC students.

  2. Cajeta,

    True, though probably more true about eight years ago.

    This is why you should come so you blog and mock about the horror. Writing about things that you hate is about 10 times easier than writing about something that you like. Possibly as a Eastside guest. There is that option. Go and then tell us of the hypocrisy. I would do it, but I’ll probably be too drunk to remember what happened.


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