6 thoughts on “Hollenbeck Skatepark

  1. i’ve been to this park a few times and never seen the skate park. The other day we went inside that hospital too, creepy as hell.

  2. lol, i love the hole in the fence for the skaters who are just to lazy to jump the fence.

  3. u should also check out boyle hieghts park, or the hole. the put in astroturf and new lights it actually looks impressive.

  4. I just hope these parks are really being built for the current residents, and not newer residents they’re planning on moving into the area over the next 20 years. Uggh…State of California, corporations…why do you guys make me so damned cynical? Why can’t you just be honest so I can enjoy the site of longtime residents of a city’s enclave having a brand new park, without wondering just what’s up your guys’ sleeves?

  5. this park has been there a while. I was still in high school when I signed the petition to get it hahaha. When it opened, there was someone there making sure everyone had helmets and was safe, but then they left. Not the kids just go whenever they want. It’s like the city gave up on them or something.

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