Happy Easter, AIG Style!

AIG man gets all the eggs (click to enlarge)

(h/t Wooster Collective)


Happy Easter, Passover and Springtime to all the LA Eastside readers!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter, AIG Style!

  1. Just got a letter from my rink a dink insurance broker about AIG. I never knew AIG was my actual insurance company. Just went to this broker agency, whatever, a few years ago, and took out the cheapest policy I could, that was the minimum required by law. Signed up for auto-debit pay. Never even paid attention to what actual company the 50 bucks a month was going to. Here I was, all this time, cursing this company while forking money over to them…in addition to what they got out of my tax dollars. Story of my life. Think I’ll call All State.

    Oh, re: the video,

    Nice mural! Perfect. LOL.

  2. I contacted the artists and I guess it was just put up yesterday, not sure what city. They were “too tired from painting” to answer. 🙂
    I like timely stuff like this, wish we had more of it in Los Angeles.
    Here’s my rant on the LA stencil scene:

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