Wild Wild Eastside


Quite unfortunately the Eastside (& NELA) seem to be hit by a wave of shootings. The local (il)legitimate media is pretty much silent about it. Working at a high school I have often first hand accounts of the going-downs in Lincoln Heights.  Whether it’s drive-by’s or kids I know getting beat up, things are getting crazy.

Is it La Crisis? Is it an extension of what is going down in México?

3 thoughts on “Wild Wild Eastside

  1. I hear things from high school kids too and honestly, it’s no different than when I was in school. Course I knew how to talk my way outta fights, but that’s another story. I think it’s just frustration over everything in general and they’re like, “fuck It.”

  2. Man, I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary for a big city like this.

    When I was in school we had V13 and Sho Line Crips race riot on campus, people were getting stabbed and machine gunned around campus, and it was a police state half the time.

    That was in the late 1990’s on the westside where all the Hollywood producers moved to kick out the kids of the former aerospace factory workers and hippies/beatniks.

    In a sad way, it’s just seems like the same old same old.

  3. I’m not saying this is not “the same old same old” but that the tide is rising with these sort of events. Although I may have grown up with these sort of events popping off here & there, I still think it’s a sad state of affairs in our part of town.

    I also do think all this can be an outcropping of a “fuck it” attitude, since everything seems to be going to shite.

    Are the punk bands going to pick up the “No Hope, No Future” mantra once again?

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