Walter Moore Hates Spanish Speaking Mexicans

For good reason, many people are down on Villaraigosa and his bid to be Los Angeles Mayor again. Yes, he is a disappointment, which is to be expected when you put too much hope for change in a politician. (Obama fans, get ready.) Real change rarely comes from the ballot box. Still, I don’t understand the “anyone but Villaraigosa” approach, much less when Walter Moore is presented as somehow an acceptable option, when he is clearly a man on a mission against Mexicans.

Oh wait, I mean, he just hates the language they speak, cuz it’s so Third World-ey. And really, if they can be taught to say “can I take you plate?” they can surely be forced to communicate amongst themselves in a semi-useful but stunted Queen’s Kinda English. At the very least, it’ll reassure real Americans that the help isn’t saying things you already know they are thinking. Yes, they really do think that about you. Yes, even despite that nice tip. Welcome to the other LA!

The LA Times writes Moore up and portrays him as merely against immigration, never mentioning his odd hatred of the Spanish language. (Shouldn’t that be some sort of actual news, something people might want to know?) All I can gather about this “problem” is that Spanish represents an exorbitant cost to taxpayers, since having that complex language being translated into the expensive but proper tongue known as American is almost impossible. Es impossible, y cuesta un chingo! Too bad Mexicans don’t speak Hebrew because then this hatred-of-a-language as a mayoral platform might be considered worthy of commentary, or even a suggestion that it might be just a tad sinister.

And you all thought I was making this anti-spanish stuff up. At least Ramon Ayala’s “chaparra de mi amor” has a cameo!

BTW, I wonder what happened to all those those “maybe-you-just-didn’t-understand-what-was-happening” people, those that are so quick to question us here at LA Eastside about how we see the world, but don’t seem to make their way over to blogs that might deserve just a bit of attention for their lack of vision?

I bet they’re on it.

56 thoughts on “Walter Moore Hates Spanish Speaking Mexicans

  1. “In L.A., the local government INTENTIONALLY decided not to clean up the natural mess that occurs in any city in specific neighborhoods – because those areas tended to be filled with people who were not considered “WHITE” at the time.”

    What is the proof of this claim? What are your sources? Can you point me to city policies or legislation that say not to pick up trash in non-white neighborhoods?

  2. did someone mention tijuana? anyone else ever listen to “nortec collective?” it just popped up on random on my itunes and i had forgotten how much i love this shit.

  3. “did someone mention tijuana? anyone else ever listen to “nortec collective?” it just popped up on random on my itunes and i had forgotten how much i love this shit”

    Nortec Collective are cool, I especially like one of their side projects called Panoptica

  4. Very Simple, if you feel you don’t need to convince anyone of anything regarding your ethnicity, then why not drop the, “Hey, and I’m Latino, too” that seems to be a saved signature in all of your comments?

  5. The gov’t and various cities and counties have no problem dumping toxic waste in communities of color, I’m sure they would have no problem “forgetting” to pick up trash.

    “More than nine million people (9,222,000) are estimated to live within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of the nation’s 413 commercial hazardous waste f acilities. This represents 3.3% of the U.S. population (281,422,000). More than 5.1 million people of color, including 2.5 million Hispanics or Latinos, 1.8 million African Americans, 616,000 Asians/Pacific Islanders and 62,000 Native Americans, live in neighborhoods with one or more commercial hazardous waste facility. . .

    “. . . Racial disparities in the location of the nation’s commercial hazardous waste f acilities exist in all EPA regions. For Hispanics, African Americans and Asians/Pacific Islanders, statistically significant disparities exist in the majority or vast majority of EPA regions. Moreover, the pattern of people of color being especially concentrated in areas where facilities are clustered is also geographically widespread throughout the country. . .

    “. . . Racial disparities are more prevalent and extensive than socioeconomic disparities, suggesting that race has more to do with the current distribution of the nation’s hazardous waste facilities than poverty. ”

  6. As a Chicano, (even if I was a cucumber I still could see thru “Antonio”) I would never vote for Moore or the LIL CLOWN Antonio Villaraigosa!! Let me tell you why!! *@#$&*^! Moore off the top, nothing else need be said, Now Antonio, what kind of man turns his back on his son, and wife when she is battling cancer?? To have an affair with an ugly ass, not so good news reporter?? Then, the fact that Antonio wants me to believe that his personal choices do not affect his political choices is a big crock of shit!! If he doesn’t even give a damn about his own wife and son, do you think that I believe he will have my best interest at heart as a constituient? Especially when he is preaching about Family Values on Tv, I’m not that foolish!! #$%^!* his PUNK ASS!!

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