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I love when the brown folks get their daps, in any way possible. Because of my busy schedule and lack of proximity to the Pico Indoor/ Del Amo/ Broadway shirt vendors (my preferred bootleg stomping grounds), I have been FEANING to grab a “Los Leikers” and/or “Los Doyers” jerseys, but have been fantasizing about them since I saw them in all their eastside prestige-glory. Mofos just be gloating in them, I had this one cat cold hold down a corner for me while I painted over gang tags (on my mural) sporting a new los doyers jersey, and he got mad props. I still have to get my son the thugbob shirt he’s begged for, maybe a family trip to the callejones is in order before a stroller is needed for baby #3.

Anyways, these jerseys were being used for beaner appreciation hour or whatnot (pardon my cynicism), and it was great to see Los Lakers in action, abuelo would have been proud. If only chick and stu had been casting and gramps’ keggerator was working (not that fratboy BS, a real keg mini-fridge), I wouldve been in heaven.

I saw a part of the game they had those jerseys on at a dive bar near my crib and it was hilarious (especially in terms of the demographics of the west SGV). there all these “americans of mexican descent” older brown folks there, perplexed at what angle they should talk shit from (pride muted by happiness is hard), and a group of young proffessional upwardly mobile asians giggling. The asian crew began a debate as to whether it should be pronounce “loss” or “lose”, which made totally made everyone uncomfortable. these are the times I live to be a part of, my humor being indulged with mass uncomfortablility stemming from cross cultural polination. Ahhh nirvana….

BTW, Im a big fan of brown hyperconsumption imposing itself on white Americana, when I dont have to think about its effects on brown communities.

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  1. Good post up Art, this is going to be the year LA has three champions, The Mighty Trojans, the Los Lakers (in five games), and now the we got Manny back the Los Dodgers against Boston in 7 games with Manny hitting the winning HR.
    Hey you know if I can get a jersey with “Los Lakers 13”?
    Puras curadas Manito!

  2. It would be cool if the players names on the back of the jerseys were also in “Latinized” dialect, like “El Kobi”. I know that back when Shaq was with the Lakers, I heard many spanish speakers calling him “Chiquillo Anillo”.

  3. BTW, they used to call the Lakers “Los Laguneros” on Spanish language radio, though I haven’t heard that in awhile.

  4. There was a certain gang in Lincoln Heights who hated the gang that had the name of the neighborhood so they would say they lived in “Laken Heights” in honor of the team. Or perhaps it was in honor of their gang name? Hmmm…Anyways, the last time Lakers won a championship, North Broadway turned into an impromptu mardi gras like Lakers parade with cruising, girls hanging out of car windows and sunroofs, people in the street with flags cheering etc…

  5. I remember that! People shut Broadway down and there were fireworks in the street and a bunch of people body-slamming each other while carrying lifesize Shaq cardboard standees. I wish I had a video camera back then.

    I got my Los Doyers shirt at Latin Lingo in the Glendale Galeria. The ones in swap meets tend to say “Los Dogers” which if I remember correctly was the typo that the Dodgers put on a bunch of bus & billboard advertising before it was caught a few years back.

  6. funny shit….I would set my Asian friends right by telling them that “Los” is Spanish for “The” and not loss or lose.
    I personally have mixed feelings regarding this marketing angle, I kind of like it, the focus, attention on the Latino/Hispanic community. But i am also a bit annoyed by it.
    I have always been a baseball fan, i could care less about the Dodgers or Lakers really.
    Several years back i dated a dude that was Dominicano and Manny sure reminds me of him. Apasionado (horny fuc*er) with a great sense of humor too.
    And im a dude by the way 🙂

  7. RobSac, how about “El Alcalde de la Ciudad de Los Angeles” above “Mayor Villaraigosa”?
    Now that would definitely help get Walter Moore on his way to France, or wherever his “European Heritage” would be appreciated.

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