LH Monolith

Here it is:


Why it’s on a block with no businesses is beyond me. Need to move it down at least 2 blocks. Also, we have «districts» in LH? Man, I want to be in naming on the districts of LH!

¡Qué ridícules!

But otherwise, it’s pretty nice looking.

[on Broadway between Thomas St. & Gates St.]

11 thoughts on “LH Monolith

  1. I see business in the background, they look like they’re in the next block. Doesn’t seem too out of place. South Gate has two “Tweedy Mile Business District” signs along Tweedy Blvd. One of them is in South Gate Park (Tweedy & Pinehurst) and the commercial district starts ten blocks away. Talk about out of place.

    Looks nice, though. Definitely stands out.

  2. I guess this will be the new equivalent of our missing clock? Someone ought to slap a digital clock on it from the 99cent store.

  3. That’s almost the exact spot that friend of the developer Ed Reyes wants to put his restraunt, bar, and kids 100 video game pleasure island (the old Dupont/Rose eye center), be careful that sly old scammer has something up his sleeve.
    And even if it was on the up and up wouldn’t the colors be black and orange for Lincoln High School? Shit, after all it’s a couple hundred feet from the school entrance gate.
    Pinchi boca abiertos!

  4. DQ,
    That project was scrapped some time ago. I was actually looking forward to it, considering they already knocked down the Rose Eye building.

  5. BTW, I like the monolith’s art deco style but I don’t get the colors either? Why blue? It looks like a beach community sign. I agree with DQ, orange and black would have been a better choice.Or even black and white.
    I guess it was the Chamber of Commerce that put these up…feeling guilty over the clock maybe?

  6. they look pretty cool spotted the one across from Ed Reyes’ field office yesterday on the way home…no one better tag on them

  7. That’s funny roobla, I just saw that new obelisk and I thought, “I wonder who’s going to tag that first?”

    Clover and Dogtown; and Lincoln Heights and Dogtown have been going crazy on the walls around the neighborhood the past week or so. Today I saw 34th St. (?) right next to a HUGE clover placa on Daly. If it’s not one the gangs, someone will bomb that thing.

    ESTE, BSM, SATC, or one of the other bombers in the area (I can’t remember all of their names).

  8. I wonder how much that thing cost and who paid for it.

    I can sometimes get behind fake deco but this is just really off, the color scheme especially. I think it’s cute when cities with no history or style do fake deco or other historic style but it’s kind of insulting in Lincoln Heights where we have tons of historic resources that get demo’d (ahem, Rose Eye building) or neglected so badly that they start to decay. I was looking at the wall and tilework at the entrance to Lincoln Park the other day and it’s in really bad shape. I would much rather see that actual historic resource restored than see this new tacky thing.

  9. Yeah, I concede that the colors are off & a bit tackly but I still like it. And yes, I would love to see the tilework on Lincoln Park Ave redone. It’s also sad that those Aztec pyramids were taken out there @ Lincoln Park a few years ago.

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