Scenes from a Murder

Chimatli mentioned this murder in a previous post, I decided to drive by the scene the morning after and take a picture. As you can see, everything looks normal on this street, except for the chalk mark near the sidewalk, no doubt circling a bullet case, and some shattered glass going the other way. I think we can make out a trajectory. Every media outlet said it was in an alley, but it wasn’t. Which proves that the media is no longer doing it’s job of actually reporting, keep that in mind for future reference.

The night of the incident, police quickly speculated it was “gang related”, yet they still haven’t figured out her hometown. I’d like to know why they use this “gang related” term before they have all the details, why don’t they instead just call it an unsolved murder? Or do we not deserve that much? It may ultimately be true (Lincoln Heights is no stranger to gang violence) but that moniker is used too often as a code for ‘don’t worry about this one, there’s a good enough reason.” The name of the victim, a young woman of 25 years, was released: Breanne A. Hanna.

R.I.P. young lady, no matter what social group and stats sheet they finally decide is your proper place.

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  1. Nice follow up to this tragedy Chavo.
    “Gang Related”, code for “who give a fuck”.
    I have a couple of friends who are EMT’s for the LA City Fire Dept and they have told me that the code description from the LAPD and LAFD for a gang shooting or body laying in the streets is “it’s just another “NHI” or non human involved. Sometimes they joke with each other “dude fucked up and brought a knife to a gun battle”.

  2. Why don’t you all consider the fact that you are not investigators and might not have all the details yourselves. I grew up with Breanne and she was a gang member and the last I heard she was living out of her car and that’s perhaps why they can’t figure out what city she lived in.

  3. This was a young woman with a family that is mourning!!!
    How difficult could it have been for the reporter that wote the article in the LA Times to find out her city of residence?

    Yes, this was unfortunately gang related and the person who looked her in the face and shot her will pay one way or another or hopefully one way and another!!!

    Breanne was a Daughter, Sister and a Mother , she grew up in a family who loved her. She played softball and did the things that a young girl does.
    What is wrong with our society that she died the way she did? What makes a gang member or anybody for that matter, think that they have the right to kill someone who is not threatening their life?

    Breanne had a City of residence and a family and children and people who will miss her.

    This was a sensless murder and we should all hope that the person who selfishly commited this crime is quickly caught and punished to the most extreme extent of the law!!!

  4. How do you know it was a gang murder JS? I thought they just found her body at the scene as El Chavo reported.

  5. I know that it was gang related because I’ve known Breanne since she was a little girl and yes she was gang related,
    and she was not Hispanic, she was a caucasion girl from Glendale that got involved with the wrong life style.
    She has a mother and brother that have worried about her for years and now they are grieving because some idiots decided to kill her because she did not want to be in their gang any longer. I have read in these blogs that people seem to be more outraged that they think that we are assuming that this was gang related because of the geographical area that she was found in.
    The fact is that it is irrelevant what nationality she was or what area she was found in, what matters is that she was MURDERED!! Do you think that a law abiding citizen just decided
    to walk up to her parked car to say hello and just decided to shoot her twice in the stomach and then in the head?
    You should be blogging about finding a way to stop this kind of crap from happening no matter what geographical area it is happening in.

  6. gs, who the hell said anything about the murdered girls race or ethnicity except you?
    And the question still has not been answered by you, how the hell do you know it was a gang related murder if there aren’t any witness’s.
    Random murders occur all the time, there could be many factors involved.
    Maybe it was gang related but at this point no one knows and for you to claim anything else at this juncture is feeding into the hysterics and prejudice we on the Eastside have to contend with by the boneheads who perpetrate this kind of generalization.

  7. I feel that the sidelining provided—first by “Attila,” who has yet to return with something solid, and thereafter by J.S., whose anonymity and lack of provenance is equally telling—has been, sadly, successful.

    The fundamental error made by the local CBS channel (which has never been known for due diligence; I cannot count how many times that crap channel has used snapshots of the Gold Line at Chinatown station when talking about Blue Line collisions: is but the latest snafu) proves that there is probably far more wrong with the story. If CBS is unwilling or unable to know the difference between an alley and a street, then perhaps there is more grievous error in the rest of the “reporting.”

    As for the two posters trolling, perhaps they should qualify their statements as I have done.

  8. don quixote February 3rd, 2009 | 8:50 am “The Invisible People”, not worth the gas of a newsvan, just another dead Mexican on the Eastside.

    I believe this was your quote??

    My point was that Breanne was important no matter what her nationality was. People should not assume that just because of the location where this tragic event took place,that to quote you,she was “Anoter dead Mexican on th Eastside”

    All of us matter, including you.

    You have been given the information that this was gang related by a few bloggers that knew her and what was going on in her life. If you choose not to believe this,WHATEVER, you are entitled to your own thoughts.

    Please do us all a favor and stop being negative and posting remarks that are unproductive. It should be pointed out that this was gang related,and affects us all,( which was my point) it is unacceptable and something needs to be done about individuals that participate in gang activity!!!

  9. Hey folks, the point is, if Breanne would’ve been killed in Glendale or Burbank, she would have had a news feature about her death regardless of her ethnicity or social status. Because she was killed on the Eastside, her death was relegated to a 41 second broadcast and the tag “gang related” was automatically added. Also, no journalists bothered to look into the death or else they would have figured out she died on a residential street and not in an alley.
    I’m sure I speak for most folks here when I say it’s horrible that she died this way. The injustice of the whole situation is why it was brought up in the first place. My condolences to her friends and family.

  10. Maybe the residents of the eastside and south central should grow fur and start barking before they get killed, because apparently in the LA Times a dog being beaten and killed deserves more respect and coverage than we do.,0,7249180.story

    I bet if Breanne had been a dog shot in the head in a car this story would be all over the LA Times and they would send out all of their resources to find the murderer.


  11. I think the reason why ‘gang-related’ comes up a lot is because most of the homicides are gang-related. Everyone else isn’t caught up in inter-gang or intra-gang disputes. (By definition.)

    If you’re in a dispute, and you’re not in a gang, you’re not really going to be able to use violence. Even if you want to, there are a lot of forces discouraging it. Those forces aren’t as much in effect for gang members.

  12. Don Quixhte,

    While I can’t speak for the Police Department, I respectfully ask you to see that the apparent conduct of your ‘friends’ at the Fire Department is reported to the LAFD Professional Standards Division:

    Such allegations are hurtful to every past and present member of the LAFD and are worthy of prompt and formal review.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  13. Is there an update to this story? Has anybody been charged with the murder? I knew Breanne since middle school when we attended Wilson. I just found out about this terrible news. Does anybody know anything about her mom and her daughters? If so please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  14. I knew breanne since 1994.I met her while attending glenoaks Elementary school in Glendale.She always had alot of pain. I use to spend hours on the phone with her.she use to cry alot.I always felt bad for her.She was a good person.I guess she just got caught up with the wrong people.I’ll always remember that little girl I met on the playground and had my first kiss with.God bless her family especially her in peace breanne

  15. My daughters are well taken care off and doing well thanks for the concern jessica

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