It’s like peeing into the future

automated public toilet

For the last two years I have seen this automated public toilet and never once thought about using it. It’s a public restroom I’m not going in there who knows what I might see. However I don’t think people know it’s a toilet because looks can be deceiving. So I decided to give everyone a first hand tour of these amazing craping machines. 

The one I went to is free, but there are other’s out there that charge 25 cents. As you can see there’s instructions in various languages on how to work the machine. There’s a 20 minute limit, which is more than enough to do work, have sex in it, shoot up, smoke and a variety of other activities one can engage in private. 

img_0807Once inside you’ll notice how roomy it is and its amenities, which were clean when I went in gracias a dios. Pretty simple right ? Well you have to be careful because that crapper folds in and if your not careful you can have a REALLY bad accident. 

img_0808Course if something does go wrong you can always get some help. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you fell in. Hey, it happens to the best of us. I can only imagine how many fake calls they get from that thing. 

img_0809The signs help but no one ever listens or pays attention to them. 

img_0813I wonder if they mean that you should take your “crap” with you ?

img_0814But before you do take your “crap” with you, you gotta make sure you wash your hands. 

img_0819Of course the damn thing is gonna be outta service when I need it the most. I literally had to run home because I had to pee soo bad. Crappy toilet.

6 thoughts on “It’s like peeing into the future

  1. These things are all over Frisco. You have no choice, really, unless you want to go into a restaurant or bar. You’ll get some dude who was in there the maximum of 15 minutes, while you were cringing to hold it, and it’s obvious he was shooting up. They do have an auto self cleaning process that works, though. It sounds like there’s a hurricane in there.

    I’ve seen them in LA but never use them. Always in the car in LA. I just hit the nearest Ralphs.

  2. GOOD Magazine months back, maybe a year ago did a chart of public restrooms per person in major cities. LA was amongst the lowest in the world.

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