4 thoughts on “New Mural Dedication in LH

  1. Where exactly is that. Me & friend would like to see it. This looks pretty amazing. My father-in-law always remarks how much he likes the Eastside because of all the murals & color. It’s certainly something that sets the Eastside apart. That taking of “culture & “art” out of the gallery & onto the streets.

  2. It’s in the alley between Hillside school and the houses on Griffin, right at the bend across the street from the hillside turning green.

  3. well finally, i mean that wall got tagged everyweek
    lets hope the teenage “victims” (uh, taggers) that live on Smith Street will respect La Virgen as is so customary for god-fearing cholos. Hey maybe it will cause them to put their weapons down so there won’t be another shooting, street blockade, and house raids, like we had on the 29th of January.

    O wait, is that the part of this community this website celebrates?

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