Day Trippin’: Go Look at Huevos!

I didn’t drive out here just for this, but since I was in the neighborhood, why not stop by the museum to get me a bit of culturing? And though this place isn’t free (unlike the original idea for this series) I figured I’d share what I saw, that’s gotta be worth something. Click ahead for some cheapo adventures!

The entrance seems compelling, kinda like a mini epcot center.

If you ask for the AAA discount you’ll save 60 cents off the $6 price, they didn’t even ask for the card! I’ve been pulling that scam forever.

“Cuidado Junipero, ay un chingo de huevitos por ahi.”

After paying our admission, we headed over to the Hall of History and Anthropology. It’s an odd mix of local history, info on the colorado river, some wagons and buggies, plus stuff on pre-hispanic communities. Here we see a replica of some fancy local house.

The display for Southwest cultural history was blank. Or at least I don’t think colored display squares are our only accomplishment. This hall was lacking, to say the least.

On the fossil ramp, a huge Mammoth tusk.

At the end of the ramp, an earthquake exhibit with a video loop. I didn’t feel like I was living on the edge by watching it.

“Schist Happens”: when Geology puns go bad.

Hmm, a platypus egg. Are we headed to the huevos I mentioned before?

Yes we are! According to their website, the SBCM has the 5th largest collection of eggs in the world. Yowza! I’m assuming that’s gonna be exciting, let’s go!

Eggs, and Eggs, and Eggs!

The display of the glossy and colorful Tinamou eggs. Nature can be very pretty.

An elephant bird egg. Grandotote!

Umm, some more eggs. How long does this go?

Damn! It’s the whole hall! Pardon me if I skip a few of the displays, okay?

What would happen if Browne and Bustard decided to bless us with an offspring? Why, you’d get a Little Brown Bustard! My favorite egg!

If it were easy to catch tyrants with flycatchers, that would be cool.

Wow, some eggs are just hatching! Nah, just kidding, they’re dead and stuffed.

Oh yeah, there a bunch of stuffed birds as well.

Goofy looking Bald Eagle can’t seem to figure shit out.

So. Cal Waterfowl. Homie the duck.

A penguin. Which came first: the egg or the bird exhibit? Stuffed birds (or eggs for that matter) with just a name attached doesn’t really mean much to me. On to the next part of the museum.

A stray Condor near the art exhibit.

“Gathered in this gallery is a collection of inspired works by SBCM staff members and volunteers.” Someone was inspired into font shifting madness!


WTF? That’s more creepy than creative. Next hall!

A bunch of spinning wheels with no explanation anywhere I could notice.

The Rock Wall.

The Rock action keeps on rolling!

Over in the Hall of Mammals we get bigger stuffed animals. It’d be nice if they used some of the creativity for naming some of these halls. Technical is boring.

Another mammal.

The required beaver shot.

Opossums are our friends! Ah, que cute!

Posed animals in an action shot. Excitement abounds.

The brutality of nature. Part 1.

The brutality of nature. Part 2.

A flying squirrel over a trio of bears.

A polar bear complains about the ice breaking up all around her.

An Alaskan Brown Bear decided it’s too damn hot in So. Cal for his lifestyle, plans to take the next flight out. The arctic seal thought they were both crazy for talking to their captors.

And that’s pretty much the whole museum.

The new Hall of Geological Wonders hadn’t been unpacked from the crate.

But there’s lots of unpacked trinkets to be bought at the Museum Store.

Over by the water faucet with pretty normal tasting water…

…a frame with some Californian flags other than the current one. This might be a good topic worthy of an extensive display.

Finally, some sage advice for dummies.

Don’t sit on the nopal, kids!

San Bernardino County Museum (909)307-2669

2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, California 92374

14 thoughts on “Day Trippin’: Go Look at Huevos!

  1. So, uh, did you happen to pop through the Amphetamine exhibit? Or was it being “renovated” by the docents preparing the Spring line of metamorphic humour?

  2. I went there on a field trip when was in the 6th grade and some other time (which I forgot). It was great to see a post about this place that I enjoyed as a kid.

  3. eggsperience eggsuberant eggsultation.
    (sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

    btw, i laughed so hard i cried reading this.

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