12 thoughts on “Chaz Bojorquez: Graff Since ’69

  1. Gregory Borjorquez( no relation) is also having a his show with him ” “The Sun Raises in the East” displaying photographic images of life in East La.

  2. yes greg “top of the food chain” b.
    i haven’t seen that dude in years. back many moons ago when i was shooting shows, i’d see him all the time and he’d be like “why don’t you dress more like them girls” and i was like hell no!

    he’s doing some amazing work both with his art and his portrait shots.

  3. Was Chaz the artist who painted the skull/fedora murals on the freeways in the 1970s?

    I remember seeing those murals as a kid, but people look at me like I’m crazy when I try to describe them. Are there any photos of those murals anywhere?

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