Back around the time I attended Griffith Jr. High School in E.L.A., I recall that Hickeys were all the rage. A sort of Red Badge of Dishonor if you will. Some kids would wear them proudly,…
others would face the anxiety of trying to hide and cover them up to avoid the often dire consequences of the “bust”, and all of the judgmental finger pointing associated with coming to school “marked”. More often they were seen as  “The Mark of Possesion.” Among my peer groups I’d hear about the various emergency remedies to be used should you need to get rid of them in a hurry, these included:
• The cold spoons
•    Ice packs
•    Heat packs
•    Massage
•    Cover up with make-up

At that age, a hickey could make or break someone’s reputation. To some, they looked “dirty” and “cheap”. Others wore them proudly, (including the full “necklaces” and the oh so naughty one’s you couldn’t see but were told about) and they were also proven to be damning telltale evidence of infidelity. The cause of many an adolescent fight and break-up. The scandalous details later becoming the stuff of school hallway “chísmes” to be whispered at recess.
We boys often heard lurid tales of groups of girlfriends practicing their hickey skills on each other during clandestine slumber parties. The mere thought of such escapades drove us out of our dorky minds.

These days, I don’t see them around as much. Have they faded into the taboo practices of the past?
Or do the younger generations keep this Love Vampire legacy alive today? I wonder.

Want some “Instant Coolness?” stick a few of these on yourself, get a funky haircut, pay for some tattoos, and start telling everyone you live on “The Eastside“.

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Al Guerrero, Artist/Humorist. Los Angeles, CA. Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles from the age of two, Al Guerrero grew up just steps from the famous Chicano strip, Whittier Boulevard. His youth experiences include witnessing and participating in the 1970 Chicano Power demonstrations, cruising cars on Whittier Boulevard, and graduating from Garfield High School. After dropping out of UCLA (with honors), he drew upon his lifelong passion for art and cartooning and pursued a career in graphic arts. During this period, he traveled overseas and found artistic inspiration from the masterworks he discovered within the European Art Museums. His career blossomed when he was eventually hired by the Walt Disney Company in 1995, where he worked as a creative artist for a number of years. Although the artistic work was rewarding, he eventually grew weary & disillusioned with the bureaucracy of the entertainment business, and left to work briefly in the educational field. His credits include producing a feature film with actor, Conrad Brooks of Ed Wood fame, founding and performing with the Punk Rock group “The Psychocats” at numerous L.A. & Hollywood venues during the 1990’s, and in 1999 he founded and created a hell-bent puppet cabaret show aptly named: “The Puppets from Hell”. As a long time active member of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, Al “Quaeda”, as he was known, was involved in countless Cacophony Society pranks and events throughout the city. He also produced the “Incredibly Strange Cinema” cult film series as well as themed events such as the now infamous “Pornothon Movie Nights” and the satirical “Mexican Night: Noche De Tequila & Putas” shows at local nightclub venues. Throughout his art career, he has exhibited his canvas paintings at various local galleries, and has also written & illustrated numerous comic strips and Graphic Novel stories. Today, he lives in Silver Lake, California and works as a freelance artist and writer with numerous multi-media projects under his belt and in the works. His personal hobbies include collecting vintage toys and comic books, cinema history and Los Angeles City history. Contact: Al Guerrero P.O. Box 29697 Los Angeles, CA 90029-0697

13 thoughts on “Chupetónes

  1. Hey Al, when I was a teenager they used to call them “monkey bites”, any idea on why? I never dug them but the girls always wanted to mark a vato up for some reason, I never thought they felt good either, there were many other cosita’s that would, as they used to say, “get you all hot”.

  2. I still see them, the hickey is not dead. It’s also a way for a person to be marked with a claim stake. “This here chico/a is with someone, stay away!”

  3. These marcas, brands, are still around. It was one of my most disliked facets of middle school — seeing people with hickeys. I never had the displeasure of seeing the necklace.

    Hickeys are and should be a one way ticket to chanclazos.

  4. ever had a girlfriend who’d do her initials on you in hickeys? I remember that was a big trend, especially amongst more dramatic couples.

    Nowadays I only see hickeys on teens and trashy cholo type folks.

    How about the lipstick kiss neck tat?

  5. They are called ” hater marks” these days lol..why b/c usually the person who does it is claiming thier territory like the prev comments say… When I was younger like 12 or 13 we used to play a stupid game called hicky fight a group of our friends (boys and girls) would always hang out at the park and the boys would chase the girls and tackle them down to give them a hicky lol it was a stupid ass game and usually the boys that liked certain girls would chase after that particular girl.

  6. when i was in 9th grade, i saw a girl giving her bf one on the forehead, it was nasty and funny cuz he didnt get rid of it for 2 days. i’ve always thought of them as nasty and unnecessary, but if you must, keep them under the shirt, or pants.

  7. My girlfriend burned me with her hair straightener.

    How?, you ask…

    She was in the restroom straightening her hair, I walked up behind her to scare her and she burned me.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  8. Damn…I remember those days. My boyfriend used to place his initials on my chest sometimes on the back of my neck…..Those were the days.

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