Tree falling in the hood

If a tree falls in the hood, does it make a sound ? Hell yeah it does. My friend “Yesca” sent me this picture of the tree that fell over night in Boyle Heights. She said that the tree fell at 3 a.m. and seven fire trucks, along with paramedics and cops, showed up at the scene to help the family in the house. Turns out that two woman had to be pulled out from the wreckage. When my friend told me what happened I realized that the family is going to have to find somewhere to stay because the damage looks extensive. Not only that but I’m sure it’s ruined their plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Here’s a link to video from one of the local media stations.

4 thoughts on “Tree falling in the hood

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that The Two women are doing great and Yes they still cannot come home. As one of the persons with a small Child inside this Home when it came crashing down at 2:06am I could only Describe it as MY WORST NIGHTMARE coming true! I almost Lost MY two best friends: MY MOTHER and My SISTER. We have lived in this house for over 32 years, we do not own it. I thank God and the Firefighters AND most Important MY neighbors who that morning were our Fist Responders.I am also very Grateful for the Best friends we have who have not stop supporting us. THANK YOU.

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