Piñata Dangers

It’s a terribly dangerous world out there: salt shakers with loose tops, roses with prickly thorns, soymilk that goes bad after 10 days, it’s like someone is out to get you! And now I find out even the simple act of bashing a Piñata is full of potential peril, not just to the crazy kids swinging around a broom but also to the poor sack tasked to swing said paper monster round and round. Unlike newcomers to this celebratory tradition that seem content to just let the object of rage hang mid-air, most Mexicans and Chicanos like to swing it around to create a challenge, and maybe just to whack a kid or two. (Heh, heh, not that I would ever do that!) But if you look at the pictures on this van I spotted in El Sereno, the traditional way of taunting mocosos could lead to comical failure, and as the website states That’s No Fun! Thank you Piñata Jackstand for simultaneously warning us of hilarious accidents and for selflessly offering a solution! Play safe kids!

12 thoughts on “Piñata Dangers

  1. random hero,

    maybe they have nerf sticks to hit the piñatas.

    I remember when I used to fill the piñatas with flour, and some candy, but mostly flour. It was hilarious to see the rest of the kids with flour all over them. What made it more fun was that the rest of the piñatas did not have any flour in them, but the kids were very hesitant to run out under the piñata at the first crack. Hey I was 10 years old, so don’t get on my case.

  2. At first I laughed at how stupid the product seemed, but then I realized I have been both photo situations numerous times. The worst was when my life alert was just out of reach and my nephews kicked me in the balls as I lay winded.

    I literally almost fell out of a tree a few weeks ago at a park party.

  3. The accidents occur while trying to get the pinata hung from the tree (or garage). Unfortunately a lot of parks have trees that are unaccessable to climbers and I am very serious about getting my pinata on a sturdy branch (for better pull/drop action). The combo of trees manicured to avoid climbing and a dad/tio who is SERIOUS about good pinata leverage has left me lying on grass winded dozens of times.

    In defense of my stupidity….

    As my kids are getting older we have also retired the aluminum bat for a broken broom handle.

  4. What an awesome find. How many drunk fathers and uncles have to fall off the roof before we embrace the Pinata Jack Standâ„¢??? Hilarious.

  5. There’s this Mexican TV version of America’s Funniest Home Videos which would feature numerous home videos related to Pinata tragedies. Cracked Skulls, Pinatas on Fire falling on children in flammable formal wear, Falls from trees or roofs, rope strangulations. Someone should make a comp DVD called like “Pinatazos y Chingadazos” and add a musical soundtrack to it, similar to those “Mexican Rodeo Muertes y Tragedias! dvds out there with the Banda music score.

  6. Standard way to reach piñata swinging heights: one person goes up to the house roof on a ladder or ties the rope to a sturdy branch. The second person puts one leg on the doghouse, the other on top of the brick fence next to the doghouse, walks along the brick fence to the garage roof’s lowest point, jumps on garage roof, and walks to the partygoers and he is thrown a beer and the rope, in that order.

    Detached homes are great!

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