Overheard on the Metro to the ANSWER rally against hate.

You mean not everyone gets a seat on the train?

Followed five minutes later by,

Anybody want to buy candy from me?  I got Snickers and M&Ms.  I also have condoms–just 25 cents.

She only sold the condoms.

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3 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. There are vendors on the train, especially on the Blue Line. Candy and some guy selling rubiks cubes, it’s very odd, not the candy, but the rubiks cube guy. Someone needs to start selling drinks. I get thristy and the only vending machine is at Pershing Square.

  2. once I overhead an argument while riding the blue line between some high school girls & an old guy. it was near the 103rd street station. all of a sudden I overheard “yeah people say I’m crazy because I talk to myself, but that ain’t crazy THIS IS CRAZY”. then some girl started screaming. I turned around & asked her what happened & she said “he took out his eye!”. I looked & there he was, an old guy with his glass eye in his hand & one eye missing on his face.

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