Brooklyn and Boyle, Now Out!

Subtitled “Art & Life in Boyle Heights and Beyond”, the first issue of Brooklyn & Boyle is now out and probably available somewhere near you. Published by Abel Salas of Ombligo Sereno de la Luna, this first printing shows a promising start for this paper that bases itself around a part of the city many of us either live in, work in, or still care about; that ignored area East of the river. At a slim 12 pages it still packs in a long piece by Luis Rodriguez recounting some memories of Boyle Heights, Claudia Huerta giving her take on changes in BH and warning that we not lose “our essence”, a guide to Dia de Muertos celebrations, a bit of poetry, and even a piece that was first featured here on LA Eastside!

There was a small stack of copies at Metro Balderas this morning and there might still be some at Tropico de Nopal if you are west of the river. Just keep your eye out for them, it’s worth a read!

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn and Boyle, Now Out!

  1. Definitely go and pick it up. It’s the first step, outside this blog, in finally getting some recognition here on the Eastside. I remember talking to someone and explaining to them that the only times the major media cover events here, it’s when it’s drama or when a crime is committed.

  2. I already have a copy. It’s a nice paper. I was extremely jealous that’s how I know if something is truly nice. If I see it and get mad 🙂


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