LH Sidewalk Sale: A Synopsis

I ran into the Lincoln Heights Sidewalk Sale quite by accident today and I took just a few pics to capture the vibe of this one. Click ahead if you want to see!

(In LH, it’s not a real holiday until you see these paintings show up in the shop windows, done by some guy I’m told is named Picaso. Bring on the Halloween!)

Oddly, they were actually working on the sidewalk during this sale, maybe too many sidewalk shoppers?

Looks like they were almost done with the LeBlanc’s corner. I’m gonna sneak back later to leave my placa. Shh, don’t tell.

Nothing sez I Love You like a basket of plastic!

This woman was selling this amazing product that lifts all stains from carpets, including soda pop and brake dust. It was mind-blowing!

Some store owners put up enticing signs to get you into their shops. If you need a halloween costume, a drink, and a card reading to figure out your future, here’s your one-stop shop.

At $3.88 for a pair of shoes, that’s an awesome deal. Though the mixing and matching made me hesitate, I’m not sure If I’m ready to take on the fashion world.

Now PAIRS of shoes are going for the more appropriate $32.88, but at least they’re Florsheim’s. Hey, that’s actually a good deal too!

Selling a different type of product, your local Atalayas. I know they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses but I like my term better. Broadway, Brooklyn, or Whittier, anywhere there’s steady foot traffic you’ll see them hanging out, supposedly to spread the word but usually just chatting it up amongst themselves, with a magazine as their shield. Just so long as you don’t come waking me up on a Saturday morning, then we can be friends.

Very appropriately for the season, our local funeral home gets in on the sidewalk sale business. I imagine that’s gonna be a hard sell.

“Miss, do you want to go out in a plain old cardboard box like the average poor chump? If you start financing now, you can kick the bucket with class. Besides, you don’t want your cemetery mates to laugh at your lack of style, let me show you the various colors in our latest line of DiePods…”  That’s really what he told her! Nah, not really.

“Cool Tony, but I gotta go cuz some fool is boring me with his stupid pictures. Te hablo al rato.”

2 thoughts on “LH Sidewalk Sale: A Synopsis

  1. I would like my cards read AND a Halloween costume. Do you think they carry “Small Wonder” costumes for not so small wannabe robots?

  2. I am storing up my anger at the City if they don’t put back the “decorative paving stones” that used to grace the intersection of Griffin and Broadway.

    Seriously, those handicap ramps DID NOT need to be torn up and replaced if it is going to cost us our decorative crosswalks.

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