La Crisis: Can you smell it?

I’m not going to tell you there is a big fire in the Valley. It’s practically all there is on the news, and of course most peeps can smell it or feel the effects from the bad air quality.

They cancelled classes after 2 pm on Monday and I was very eager to leave. Got back to LA by 3:30 and still felt kinda like crap.

Today I stayed in LA and was hoping I’d feel better, maybe its all in my head. Looking at the Air Quality Index, I realized just how bad the air we breathe is. News to me.

As I listen to the news about the water drops, I can’t help but think about the drought we have been in and how we could be drinking that water instead. I think about the movie FLOW and about this chapter in Dr. David Hayes Bautista’s book La Nueva California that paints a worst case scenario California in 2040 where we run out of water as the State is on fire.

I hear the Govenator and pimp Mayor Tony V. say we need money to pay for all the firefighters and stuff. Where is all the money going to come from?

Driving on the 10 West from the IE back to LA, between San Dimas and West Co., coming down the hill, the blood orange sunset, scares my gf and she asks whether it would be safer to stay in West Covina instead of driving into LA. The smog, smoke and sun mixed into a dangerous, toxic, beauty. I looked in my rear view mirror and the full Moon was there, seemingly cloud free, seemingly clean, for now.

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