So its been a while since I’ve ventured into bloglandia. A ton of stuff has happened.

First and foremost, like I mentioned before, I went on vacation to Puerto Rico.

It was beautiful but I know for sure I am not a tropics guy. Hot and humid is not for me.

I did try to catch as much Olympic volleyball as I possibly could on vacation and when I got home, LOVE ME SOME VOLLEY BALL!

If I were to go back it would be to kick it in Cuelbra a small island next to PR. (for extended vacation pics and story go to pachucoville)

As soon as I got back the new semester started at CSUN. They enrolled a record 4,000 something Freshmen. Usual numbers were 2,500, but since there is an average 60-65% drop out rate by Junior year, and because of the recession, gas prices and the overall sad state of things I think the university thought they should bring in more Frosh to make up for even higher drop out rates in the future.

I got all freshmen course this semester and they are too cool. They are open to putting down the iPod and learning about the historical era they are living in. I hope I can keep their interest and not scare them too much.

With “Featuring the Lights and Sounds” we have been having a great time. The Power Tools panel / b-day party was muy cool.

16 years of the same thing every week can be a bit … but come on, it’s all about the music, free music, free parties and great peeps I get to meet and kick it with. THANK YOU.

R and I rode in our second People’s Ride and introduced her friend to Midnight Ridazz proper like.

I didn’t watch any of either conventions, but yes I also think Palin looks like Tina Fey!

Found one of my favorite people online and he’s blogging like a mad man!

Today I learned about the Particle Accelerator and I’m scared. They can create a black hole and our planet can be sucked into it. It might trigger earthquakes or other phenomenon. OR it might make a whole in our dimension and allow stuff from other dimensions to come into ours a la The Mist.

Overall I learned that bloglandia will not collapse if I don’t get to my Google Reader and read everything. It’s sort of a relief. Now I need to only worry about that Particle Accelerator!

5 thoughts on “whewww

  1. that particle accelerator is no joke. I freaked out a few months ago when the times published a story on it too. Coming from the world of comics, I get the sickest feeling in my stomach when i think about that machine. If the world goes to hell because of that machine I swear I’m going to woods and hide out till everything settles down again. Good to have you back and teaching young minds again.

  2. Sorry Random, but that black hole will suck up everything, the woods and all. If there’s even a remote chance that this could happen, they should not go forward with the experiment.

  3. That’s a cool pic of you on the beach, huaraches y todo! If the world does disappear into a black hole it’ll be just like a cartoon episode, a fitting end to this era. Everyone get their shoving elbows out, cuz were gonna be packed in tight! 😉

  4. I know I’m being silly but I was kinda scared! I was counting down until 12:15pm (our time) when the experiment was set to start. I started hearing some noise like a cat scratching or something and thought to myself “Is that the sound of the world imploding?” Hahaha!

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